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   Chapter 304 Lena's Show Started

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Andrew had no one but Ashley in his heart.

Ashley pulled Andrew back a step to put a distance between them and Lena. She knew very well that Lena was pregnant. It was better for them to stay away from her.

Lena had already fallen on the ground once when she wasn't pregnant and framed Ashley for it. She could do it again with a baby in her stomach.

Ashley wasn't going to fall into the same trap twice.

Staying away from Lena was her guide for life.

Ashley immediately stopped Lena from getting any closer.

"Stop! You can talk to me from over there. Don't come any closer and don't touch me! If you fall again, I'm not going to be responsible for anything!"

Lena's hand froze in the air. Her face turned red with embarrassment. However, Ashley didn't stop, and continued, "Can you see that my Andy was not comfortable about you getting too close to him? Oh, my bad. I forgot to warn you that Andy doesn't like anyone but me touching him. So, for your baby's safety, please stay away from him."

Ashley's sharp put-down had successfully kept Lena from approaching them.

Ashley was busy keeping Lena at a safe distance from her. So, she didn't notice the excitement in Andrew's eyes.

Andrew felt pleased about the way Ashley had referred to him.

He liked how Ashley had called him, "My Andy."

As far as Andrew was concerned, she was absolutely right. Andrew was hers.

It was hard for Andrew to pretend that he didn't like how Ashley showed her ownership of him.

Lena was red-faced. However, she recovered from it quickly. After a little awkward cough, she put her hand back down and hid the hate in her eyes.

If it weren't for her plan, Lena wouldn't put up with Ashley at all.

However, she put on her innocent mask and replied to Ashley, "Sis, are you still mad at me? I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to do it. I somehow slipped, and you were the only one next to me. I just assumed that..."

Lena stopped to cry some crocodile tears, and then she continued, "Sis, I'm so sorry. It's all my fault. Can you forgive me? I really want to make it up to you. Can we become good sisters once again just like we were before?"

Lena looked at Ashley pleadingly, while the fake tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Sis? Why are you calling me that? Did you forget that Mrs. Mu already kicked me out of the Mu family? I'm not your sister! Besides, I was always just the kid that was adopted b

with this. I wish I could say that I'm sorry for having to leave you, but I can't. Because I'm not sorry at all."

Holding Andrew's arm, Ashley was ready to leave.

Lena was surprised to see how things turned out. She finally saw the real Ashley in person. There was no way that she was going to let Ashley walk away like that.

If Ashley left, her plan would totally be ruined.

Lena had to make Ashley stay somehow.

She walked around Raymond, blocked Ashley's way and said, "Sis, please have a seat. I still owe you a good apology. We're trying to let go of the past today. We haven't done anything yet. Can you please stay a little longer for me?" She looked at Ashley morosely with tears forming in her eyes.

Ashley finally agreed to stay. She wanted to see what it was that Lena wanted from her.

Holding Andrew's hand, Ashley walked to the other side of the table and sat done. However, Andrew remained there. He didn't like the stool. He just looked at Ashley with his big puppy eyes.

Ashley didn't know what to say to him. She knew that her husband was obsessively tidy.

Even though the stool looked clean to her, it didn't mean that it was clean in Andrew's eyes.

Ashley grabbed a few tissues from the table and carefully wiped the stool several times. Finally, she tried to persuade Andrew to sit down on the stool. "Can you please deal with it for me?"

Andrew looked at Ashley unconvinced and he remained standing on the same spot.

Ashley had run out of ideas. She wondered, 'How dirty could this stool be?'

Ashley started to really consider Andrew's germophobic issues.

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