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   Chapter 303 The Beginning Of Lena's Plan

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Updated: 2019-10-27 05:32

Seeing that Ashley was about to get really angry due to embarrassment, Andrew stopped teasing her. "All right! All right! You are not jealous. I'm the one who is jealous," he conceded.

She sneered at him, and didn't say anything further.

She knew in her heart that he was right. A man like Andrew, despite his social status, was able to attract many women just with his pretty face.

It was not so surprising for a woman to develop feelings for him. He was such an amazing man. However, no matter how normal it was, Ashley still felt uncomfortable knowing that Lena had her eyes on Andrew.

"If you don't want to see her, you don't have to. You do know that, don't you?" he said softly.

"I do. I just want to see what she wants. Will you come with me tomorrow? Let's see what kind of show she is going to put on for us," she replied.

"Will do."

It was Saturday afternoon, and Raymond and Lena were waiting for Ashley and Andrew to arrive.

Lena said softly, "Raymond, my sister should be here very soon. I already realized my mistake. I shouldn't put blame on Ashley. I am going to apologize to her later and ask for her forgiveness."

Raymond just looked at Lena, and didn't say anything.

He was not as naive as before. He had learned a lot from his father in the business world.

Framing Ashley for pushing her down was not a big deal, but Raymond still couldn't get over the fact that his future wife could have done such an evil thing.

Without getting any response from Raymond, Lena panicked and said, "Raymond, I know I shouldn't have done that. I didn't know what was wrong with me at that day. I was afraid that you still had feelings for her. I just didn't want to lose you. I...I..." Looking at Raymond with her big innocent eyes, Lena was trying to hold back her tears. It seemed that they would roll down her cheeks any second.

She had light make-up on and her hair was loose on her shoulders. A pair of white jade earrings were hanging on her ears. They shimmered with every breath and her white dress made her look even more innocent. Any man would be sympathetic towards her pitiful appearance.

Raymond didn't have the heart to be mad at Lena for anything at this point.

He didn't know if he was mistaken but he somehow felt tha

shley in Andrew's arms, Lena couldn't help but feel jealous. She felt it should be her in his arms.

She believed that Ashley was unworthy of being married to such an attractive man.

If Ashley could read Lena's mind, she would laugh at her. Whether Ashley was worthy or not of being married to Andrew was not up to Lena. Ashley met Andrew first and he chose her. They loved each other. She was worthy of every bit of his love and affection.

Lena meant nothing to them.

Andrew didn't even give a second look to Lesley, who was the prettiest woman in J City. So there was no way he was going to be interested in Lena.

Ashley was going to crush her dream of being with Andrew.

Andrew's sudden display of affection was just to show Raymond that Ashley was his wife.

Standing up, Lena walked over to Ashley and said, "Hello, sis and Andrew. You are finally here! Please take a seat. What would you like to have for dinner?" Lena was acting like a good little sister. Throwing a loving look at Andrew, she tried to hold Ashley's arm.

Ashley saw what was going on.

She avoided her hand, and she was stunned by Lena's rash act.

Ashley looked at Raymond. She was even more surprised that he would allow Lena to flirt with another man right in front of him.

However, Ashley quickly shook the thought out of her mind. Andrew didn't flirt back with Lena despite her attempt to throw herself at him. So she was just surprised that Raymond would allow Lena to flirt with another man with him watching.

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