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   Chapter 301 An Old Man

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7573

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Greyson replied, "All right, I will take her with me."

Francis cracked a big smile and said, "Elain, this is Greyson. You can call him Uncle Greyson."

Elain lifted her head up to face Francis and replied, "Uncle Greyson? But he is so young and pretty. May I call him Greyson?"

She was right. Greyson indeed looked like a high-school boy. Even though he was about 6 feet tall, he had a baby face. He was really cute. No wonder she wanted to call him by his name and not "Uncle Greyson."

"So, Uncle Francis, may I call him Greyson?" she repeated.

"Ha-ha! What did she say? Uncle Francis?"

Greyson didn't want to come here at all. He was only there because Francis called him over. He was not in a very good mood. However, when he heard Elain's term for Francis, his mood lightened.

'She called him Greyson, but called me Uncle Francis!' Francis' face fell.

It was hard for him to accept the fact that he looked older than Greyson in Elain's eyes. He started having doubts about his appearance, and

he wondered if Elain did it on purpose.

Greyson chuckled at Francis' morose expression.

He had started to like Elain. He said with a big grin, "That's right! You can just call me by my name, and he is definitely your uncle Francis. He is not as young as us. Right?"

He held Elain's hand and walked in. "Let's go! I'm going to take you to a fun place! Don't worry about your uncle Francis. He will catch up with us later."

Francis stared at their retreating figures gloomily. He was feeling rather depressed.

He brought his hand to his face to feel how smooth it was. Looking at the reflection on the glass, he could see his handsome and young face. There was no way in the world that he looked like an old man in a little girl's eyes.

He sneered. He concluded that Greyson was purely jealous. He finally found a way to feel better.

"Greyson, I want to go on this one!" Elain said to Greyson, pointing at the merry-go-round while holding his hand.

Hearing his name in her sweet baby voice, Greyson melted at her cuteness.

He stared back into her big innocent eyes and followed the direction of her finger.

Greyson agreed. "Okay, you can ride it!"

Exactly at that moment, Francis walked up to them. Without hesitation,

cutest baby in the world. Unlike Elain, their child would definitely listen to him.

With these thoughts in mind, Francis stepped back a bit to keep some distance from Elain.

He knew all about Elain's little plan. It was Elain who didn't know anything about it.

Francis just didn't want to point it out to her.

In the corner of the office, Ashley was sitting on a chair and working on the draft for her design.

She had signed up for the jewelry design competition. Right now, she was trying to come up with a great design for the entry.

Ashley had not been very confident about her skills in the past. However, with Andrew's help and guidance, she now had faith in her work.

After all, her husband was an amazing jewelry designer!

In the middle of the office, Andrew was working on a laptop. There were some strange characters on the screen. Things didn't seem to be going very well. He frowned at the senior leaders coldly.

They broke into a cold sweat. His look had successfully intimidated them.

They just wanted to avoid his piercing gaze and go home. But obviously, they couldn't just leave.

Ashley finished her draft. She stretched lazily, and she looked over at Andrew, who was studying the screen with furrowed brows and a look of dissatisfaction on his face.

It seemed that Andrew felt Ashley's eyes on him. He looked over at the same time. As he turned, a warm smile came over his face like a cool summer breeze, which could melt the winter ice and awaken the world.

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