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   Chapter 300 Baby Sitting

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'Once I get back, I must ask Ashley to try and stop Ellie from being with that man. No! She has to stop seeing him!

Ellie is so fond of that little girl. Who knows what could happen between her and that man in the future?' Francis thought to himself.

Sitting on the couch, Francis and Elain were eating fruit and chatting at the same time. It seemed like they were getting along quite well.

Ellie observed them from the side and thought that Francis was good with kids.

So Francis would be an ideal candidate to babysit Elain when she took the trip back to L City.

If they knew what was going through Ellie's mind, both of them would probably roll their eyes at her.

Meanwhile, Elain was wondering who this handsome man was. He acted as though he was very close to Ellie.

However, his style was flamboyant and narcissistic. His face was prettier than that of a woman. He was a social butterfly.

In Francis' eyes, he didn't think that Elain was so great either. Sure she looked cute and adorable, but she was actually a little rascal.

'Who the hell is her father? How did he get to know Ellie?' Francis thought in frustration.

It almost drove him crazy when he thought of him. But he couldn't ask directly.

Ellie looked at Francis and said, "I want to ask a favor of you."

"Sure. You can ask me anything, and I'll do it for you."

"I want to take a trip to L City tomorrow, but I can't leave Elain here alone. I can see that you two are getting along well. So could you please help me out and take care of her while I'm away?

Elian behaves very well. She sleeps and eats at the time she is supposed to. She won't be any trouble.

I observed you two just now. You two get along peacefully, and Elain seems to like you. So what do you say?"

Before Francis had the chance to say anything, Elain said, "Ellie, I want to be with you. Where are you going tomorrow? I want to go with you."

Elain didn't want to stay with this man. He was her father's rival in love!

"I'm going to L City tomorrow, Elain. I have to go and see my grandpa and gr

waiting for, Uncle Francis?" asked Elain.

"We're waiting for someone. After he comes, we'll take you to the park to play," said Francis.

"Okay, " replied Elain sweetly.

Elain looked at Francis and then looked at Francis' car.

As Edmund's daughter, Elain knew quite a lot of things.

'So Uncle Francis should be as wealthy as my dad. And he likes Ellie too.'

However, she felt that her father was a better match for Ellie. 'Uncle Francis is good too, but my father is much better, ' thought Elain.

When Greyson arrived, he could see Francis from quite a distance from him. He also saw the three or four-year-old little girl whose hand he was holding.

Greyson was shocked. 'Is she his illegitimate daughter?'

Greyson approached them and stood by Francis' side. He asked with displeasure, "What's going on? Why did you ask me to come here? Is this..."

His eyes turned to Elain and asked, "Is this your daughter?"

Francis' face darkened. "What the hell are you talking about? Where would I get a daughter from? She's the child of Ellie's friend. Ellie had something to do today, and she asked me to take care of her."

Greyson nodded his understanding. "Okay. Then you take her to the amusement park. But why did you ask me to come here?"

Francis clenched his teeth with frustration and said, "Did you mean that you wouldn't help me take care of her?"

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