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   Chapter 299 Don't Praise A Man Pretty

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Seeing Elain looking at Francis curiously, Ellie smiled and pulled her over to introduced them. "Elain, this is my friend. You can call him Uncle Francis."

The little girl looked up at him and a beautiful smile appeared on her face. She greeted him innocently, "Hello, Uncle Francis."

Francis thought, 'What a cute little kid! All right, since she is so lovely and adorable, I won't be mad at her for sticking to Ellie.'

He had just placated himself, when Elain said something that made his face darken immediately.

She cocked her head to one side and said, "Uncle Francis, you are so pretty. You look prettier than my father. I like you very much."

Ellie watched Francis' face and giggled inconsiderately. Her giggle made things worse.

Francis got annoyed. He changed his mind about the little girl being cute and lovely.

She wasn't quite as sweet anymore!

Elain was upset looking at his grumpy face. "Ellie, did I say something wrong? Uncle Francis seems displeased with me," she asked sadly.

Her little face turned to Francis. "Uncle Francis, I'm sorry. I don't know if I said something wrong to upset you. I apologize," she said earnestly.

Seeing poor Elain's reaction, Ellie felt sorry for her. 'Maybe she likes Francis. It's just that she is too young to express herself properly.'

Ellie admonished him with an angry glare. Why did he have to make others upset as soon as he came?

Ellie tried to soothe Elain's feelings. "It's okay, Elain. Your uncle Francis isn't upset. That's just how he acts. Don't worry about him."

Francis felt he was being mistreated. He hadn't said anything at all! What was wrong? He was being accused falsely.

"Really? Uncle Francis, you aren't upset? That's wonderful, because I like you so much!"

Francis had to admit that she was just a little kid and she didn't know anything. So he had to act like a gentleman. "No, I'm not

to ask some more questions, but Ellie returned with a plate of fruits.

Seeing them sitting peacefully, Ellie asked casually, "What are you chatting about?"

Elain bounded to her and said, "We are talking about my dad, Ellie. Uncle Francis asked me when my dad would come to pick me up."

Francis felt guilty inside under Ellie's inquiring gaze. He was worried that she could see right through him and read his intentions.

But why should he be worried?

"Okay, come and eat some fruits," Ellie said.

After that, Elain followed Ellie around no matter where she went and what she did. Francis didn't get a chance to be alone with her for even a second.

He was becoming agitated at his failed attempts of finding opportunities to be alone with Ellie. If it had only happened one or two times, it might be accidental. But it seemed to happen every time! So she must be doing it on purpose.

Elain's father definitely had a crush on his Ellie.

'What kind of man is he? He has a daughter of three or four and he is dreaming of chasing Ellie. Of course, Ellie won't like him. And even Ashley won't agree.'

He started to feel lighter. Right! Ashley! Ashley was Ellie's best friend. She surely wouldn't agree to Ellie ending up with this kind of man.

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