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   Chapter 298 Who Is This Little Girl

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Last year's prize money of fifty thousand dollars was tempting enough, but the CEO had doubled it now.

All at once, an idea popped into Johnny's mind, and he felt that he had seen the light.

'The reason behind the double prize money is because Miss Mu had joined the company this year. The CEO most likely did that for Miss Mu.'

At the same time, Johnny wished that he was less smart. What was the point of knowing so much?

"Ellie, Ellie, who's the lady beside you? She's so pretty."

Elain brought a photo frame from the living room and ran over to Ellie. It was a photo of Ashley and Ellie.

In the photo, they both wore the same dresses and looked at the camera, smiling sweetly.

Ellie was busy packing her things for the following day when she heard Elain's question. She turned to have a glance at the photo.

She smiled gently and said in a soft tone, "She's my best friend. Her name is Ashley. She'll be your loving big sister when you get to meet her. You'll really like her."

Elain looked at the photo again and said delightfully, "Really? Yes, I think I like her."

She saw that Ellie was packing and asked, "What are you doing, Ellie? Can I help you?"

"Thank you, but I can do it myself. You go to the living room and play for a while. I'll be done soon."

Edmund came to J City on business, and he was keen to go back immediately. But Elain wouldn't leave Ellie, even after he resorted to the carrot and stick.

Edmund was at his wit's end. He could neither beat her nor yell at her.

Perhaps if he had the heart to spank her, the problem would have been solved?

Usually, Elain was a well-behaved child and had never been naughty. Who would have the heart to spank such a sweet child?

In the end, Edmund had no other choice but to leave her with Ellie. He promised to come and get her once he finished the urgent business that he had to tend to.

Elain had already started to go to kindergarten. She was a smart child and began kindergarten sooner than most other kids. Elain had to ask for a leave of absence from school for a few days.

Without her father around, Elain felt free. Though she did obey Ellie's instructions most of the time.


why won't you let me in?"

Ellie had no other reason not to let him in. So she stepped aside for him to enter.

Francis made himself at home and walked in as if it was his own house.

He was confident that Ellie was going to be his girlfriend sooner or later. So it wasn't necessary for him to feel self-restrained in her company. They would be sharing everything in the future anyway.

When he reached the living room, he gasped in shock when he saw a little kid sitting on the couch.

'Who is this little kid? Oh, gosh! Why is she here? Oh!'

He was panic-stricken when he saw Elain.

"Who is she, Ellie?" asked Francis nervously.

He fixed his eyes on Ellie's face so he wouldn't miss any subtle changes in her expression.

'What if the child is Ellie's?

What should I do then?'

The questions in his mind was like a heavy stone pressing on his heart. He could hardly breathe.

Subconsciously, he knew that he wouldn't give up Ellie. Even if that was her child.

Ellie gave him a casual glance and said, "She's the daughter of one of my friends. My friend is busy lately, and I like Elain very much. So I offered to look after her for a few days."

The heavy stone was lifted from his chest instantly.

He assumed the friend that Ellie was talking about was a lady. So he didn't prod for any more details.

In the future, when he discovered that Ellie's friend was actually a man, nobody could imagine how pissed off he would be!

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