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   Chapter 297 Pride

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Amaia said, "Of course. Don't you believe me? Miss Mo is a kind person."

She nodded to emphasize it.

However, some people that were within earshot had a subtle change of expression, and Ashley noticed it.

She couldn't help but ask, "What's wrong?"

Amaia gave them a cold stare, and they shook their heads and said, "Nothing."

"The weather has been scorching lately. How did you catch a cold? You have to take care of yourself," said Amaia.

Ashley's heart felt warm when she heard her words. "I'll be more careful from now on," she said.

At least, she had a friend here who really cared about her.

Before they knew it, Sylvia came to their side. A gleam of contempt flashed in her eyes when she saw the two girls showing sisterly love.

She raised her tone and asked, "Anybody caught a cold? I'm afraid the person is somewhat pretentious and showing off her relationship with the big shot of this company. She just started working less than one month ago and already filed for a leave of absence. And she didn't even bother to come and ask for the leave of absence personally."

Sylvia, for reasons unknown, disliked Ashley.

Amaia dragged Ashley aside and said, "Ignore her, Ashley. She's crazy."

Ashley went to her seat and sat down. She scoffed but didn't respond or pay any attention to Sylvia.

Sylvia's face turned into an ugly grimace.

She watched their backs sullenly.

Her brown-nosed friends saw it and came over to comfort her. "Sylvia, don't bother about what they said. Soon there'll be a jewelry design contest. You'll definitely get first place. Nobody can compete with you. You're the best one here."

"She's right, Sylvia. You got first place last year. This year you will surely get first place again."

Sylvia's face brightened up at the flattery.

But a moment later, she remembered something else and her face turned sullen again.

First place!

The others might not know how she got first place, but she certainly knew how she managed it.

The big shot that was behind her wasn't treating her as well as before. So she wasn't sure if she could get first place this time.

The bonus this time

drug dealers. They were all as vicious and callous as vipers.

When Lee ended up going to that place, it would be like a one-way ticket to hell. The journey there would also be a long and painful one before he reached his final destination.

However, when he thought about what he had done to Ashley, Johnny couldn't imagine a more deserving place for Lee to be at. After all, they weren't saints either. He didn't have much sympathy for these kinds of people.

If everyone deserved sympathy, then prisons wouldn't exist.

"Okay, Mr. Lu. But, what if his life is jeopardized?" asked Johnny.

"Just keep him alive," replied Andrew.

"Okay," Johnny replied.

He blamed himself inside for being so stupid. He should have guessed that Andrew would give him that sort of answer.

Of course, he always had hindsight which was meaningless.

"Did you make arrangements for the jewelry design contest?" asked Andrew.

"Yes, I have given instructions to them. There were two hundred and thirty contestants this year. After the preliminary, there are still one hundred and fifty contestants left."

"I want to meet the last three contestants."

After giving Johnny his instructions, he left.

Johnny scratched his head puzzled as he watched Andrew walk away.

In the past, these matters to do with the competition and contestants were all handled by Kelly. Johnny wondered why Andrew wanted to interfere with it this time.

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