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   Chapter 295 Jealousy

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"I noticed jealousy on your face. Why should one be envious of someone for something he had in the past?"

After the incident and their reunion, Ashley saw clearly what was in her heart. She liked Andrew. Maybe "liked" was too conservative a word.

If that were not the case, why would she feel uncomfortable when she heard that Lesley and Andrew were together and would marry soon?

She had ignored her heart initially and thought that Andrew was seeking material advantage from her.

But that was a stupid theory as she didn't have any material advantage that he could possibly benefit from.

Andrew tilted his head and ignored her.

She watched him as he pretended to look offended and couldn't help but laugh out. "All right. I'm sorry. It's my fault. I shouldn't make fun of you."

"Okay," he said.

Then he added solemnly, "You have to make it up to me when we get back."

She blushed immediately.

Johnny, who was witnessing the scene, realized that his presence was not needed, and so he turned and went out, closing the door behind him.

Andrew leaned into her ear and whispered, "She got knocked up just having sex with him once. How come you didn't get pregnant after our first time?"

Ashley's heart lurched. Of course, she couldn't get pregnant because every time after making love to Andrew, she took the contraception pill secretly.

"Okay, let's not talk about this for the time being. Let's go home. I don't want to stay at the hospital anymore," she complained. She really hated the smell of disinfect solution in hospitals.

"Okay," he agreed.

After Lena went home, she found Peggy sitting on the sofa. Peggy, too, saw her as soon as she entered the house.

She frowned and said disapprovingly, "Where have you been? Why are you back so late?"

Lena couldn't tell her the reason for coming home late. She had suspected that she was pregnant and had gone to the hospital for a checkup.

So she prevaricated, "I went shopping with friends and lost track of time, so

sappear upstairs and frowned. "Why do I feel that there is something wrong with this child lately? As if she has some secrets."

Spencer squinted at her and said, "What do you think it is about?

Ever since your son has come back, all your attention has been on Ron. Have you cared about her? Is that what a mother supposed to do? Love only her son and ignore her daughter?"

He was displeased.

He had observed Lena as she was growing up. He knew that the kid had pride and always wanted to do everything perfectly.

She must have been very sad when she found out she was neglected by Peggy.

Peggy's face twisted at Spencer's accusations. She retorted, "I haven't done that. She is my daughter too. When did I neglect her?"

But the truth was that she felt guilty inside. Perhaps unknowingly, she did neglect Lena somehow.

"You'd better not," warned Spencer.

He was equally fond of both his kids. Now Lena was already engaged to the son of the Luo family. Spencer was extremely satisfied with her.

Of course, he was also happy with Ron's progress.

After Lena was back in her room, she sat on the bed, and put her hands on her belly. She couldn't imagine that there was a little life inside.

Her and Raymond's baby?

If she hadn't met Andrew, who was better than Raymond, Lena had the confidence to fool Raymond.

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