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   Chapter 294 Why Did Lena Come To The Hospital

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7264

Updated: 2019-10-23 00:02

Johnny walked over to Ashley and said, "Miss Mu, Mr. Lu asked you to see him."

Ashley looked at him and nodded. "Okay, I see."

Andrew was still asleep when Ashley woke up. She walked out of the ward quietly and adoringly after gazing at her handsome husband's face for a short while.

As soon as she stepped outside, she froze. Lena was walking out of the doctor's office.

Ashley turned around and was about to leave quickly but she suddenly thought of something. She pointed at the office and asked Johnny, "Which department does that office belong to?"

Johnny looked in the direction to which Ashley was pointing. Wondering why she was inquiring about it, he replied obediently, "It's the gynecology office. Miss Mu, is something wrong?"

Ashley shook her head and said, "Nothing. I just saw someone I know walking out of it."

Going towards the ward, Ashley couldn't help wondering why Lena was there.

She wasn't worried about Lena's well-being. After all, she was just a bad woman who always planned to frame her. Why would Ashley care about her?

Ashley just worried that she might have come up with another way to make trouble for her.

Ashley was lost in thought when she entered the ward. When Andrew appeared in front of her, she didn't notice him.

And inadvertently, she bumped into him.

"Oh." The pain jolted her back to reality. She couldn't help rubbing her forehead. 'What's he made of? How can he be so hard?' she thought.

Andrew looked at her helplessly. 'What was she thinking about? Why was she so absent-minded?' he thought, shaking his head.

Holding Ashley in his arms, he asked gently, "What are you thinking about so intently?

Why have you come back looking so distracted?"

Ashley studied his face carefully. Now that he had rested for a few hours, his face didn't look so pale.

He looked more energetic.

Andrew was feeling quite refreshed now.

She shook her head and said, "I wasn't worrying about just anything. I just saw Lena when I went out. She…"

Before she finished her words, he kissed her on the lips gently.

She looked at him helplessly. She didn't know why he liked to hold her in his arm

e, just listen to Johnny," he commanded.

Johnny felt helpless. 'Can you stop rubbing your happy married life in my face?

I really want to throw these two out!' he thought.

However, he did not dare to let his thoughts out.

If someone actually asked him to throw them out, Johnny would refuse immediately.

Clearly, he didn't have the courage to do so.

Johnny glanced at the report and was surprised.

'Is Lena pregnant?' he thought.

Thinking back to the office that Ashley had pointed at, Johnny figured out what had happened.

He said, "Miss Mu, I think I know why Lena was at the hospital. She is pregnant. And her pregnancy is at 10 weeks, which is more than two months."

Ashley was surprised to hear this. 'Did she get pregnant that night?

Lena had seduced Raymond to have sex with her. And it was on that night that I found them sleeping together.

If she has been pregnant for 10 weeks, then it means she might have conceived on that night, ' she thought.

She glanced at Andrew in amazement.

He immediately retorted, "It isn't my baby! Why are you looking at me like that? It must be your ex-boyfriend's!" His tone was defensive.

Johnny tried his best to control his expression. 'Mr. Lu, you aren't the commanding CEO that I have known.

You sure have changed a lot.

Well, I really miss who you used to be. I didn't expect you to be jealous and behaving like a child, ' Johnny sighed in his heart.

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