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   Chapter 293 Lena Was Pregnant

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'Did he say that he wanted to meet Mr. Lu? He's daydreaming!

He had kidnapped Miss Mu and had injured her badly. He could only hope to spend the rest of his life in prison, ' thought Johnny.

As for Lena, she had stopped making trouble for a few days. However, she hadn't given up on trying to seduce Andrew. 'Andrew is such a perfect man, being both handsome and rich. How could he belong to Ashley?

I was able to take Raymond from her back then, so I should be able to grab Andrew now as well. He would finally fall in love with me, ' thought Lena.

She was very confident in her abilities.

It could be said that she was very conceited.

However, Lena hadn't taken any action recently. She wasn't feeling up for it and felt that there was something wrong with her health. She was sleepy all day long and had a big appetite. Lena found that she was eating a lot every day.

This upset Lena because she wanted to keep fit and maintain her lovely figure.

So Lena went to the hospital to check if there was something wrong with her health. Standing in front of the hospital gate, Lena frowned. She suddenly had a bad feeling.

She had been experiencing these symptoms for the past month. Her menstruation had stopped two months ago. At first, Lena thought she might be exhausted. After all, she had been busy dealing with the recent matters of the Luo Group and Andrew.

However, since her menstruation had stopped two months ago, Lena couldn't help feeling worried. She came to the hospital to have a health check.

Lena had seen a passage about pregnancy on the Internet before. She was afraid that she was most likely pregnant.

So, she took herself to the hospital for a checkup without telling her family about it.

"Number nineteen, Lena Mu,"

someone in the office called out her name.

Lena squeezed the number card in her hand and walked anxiously into the office.

Inside was a stern female doctor who looked like she was in her thirties.

She glanced at Lena and said, "Your name, please?"

"Lena Mu."

"How old are you?"


"What can I help you with?"

"I've been sleepy of late, and my appetite has improved greatly. My menstruation has stopped two months ago. Doctor, do you think that I'm pregnant?"

Lena looked anxiously at the d

r doctor of herself in her younger days. She too wasn't afraid of anything. As if she was invincible and nothing could scar her or was that important.

She had also fallen pregnant. But being ignorant, she had a few abortions. After that, she couldn't get pregnant anymore. She felt regretful for the rest of her life. So whenever she heard that a woman wanted to terminate her pregnancy. She couldn't help but try to persuade them not to.

Feeling annoyed, Lena marched out of the gynecological clinic with a gloomy face.

'It's my baby! I can decide whether I give birth to it or not! It's none of her business. She's just a doctor, she has no right to scold me like that, ' thought Lena.

Meanwhile, standing on the fifth floor, Ashley could see everything on the first floor. Having lived in J City for so many years, she never knew there was such a hospital there.

It was well-decorated and generous. It didn't look like a hospital at all. Without the smell of disinfectant in the hospital, Ashley could easily think it was a villa.

She looked down and saw a familiar figure. She immediately went closer to the window to see the figure more clearly.

Lena walked out of an office and then strode towards the hospital gate with a frown. She seemed flustered and annoyed.

Ashley was positive that it was Lena. They had lived together for such a long time that she was familiar with Lena. Ashley could recognize her from a mile away.

She furrowed her brows and wondered why Lena would have come to the hospital.

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