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   Chapter 292 Caviling

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7444

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When Andrew came out of the bathroom, he found that Ashley was lying in bed. When their eyes met, Andrew felt a little awkward.

He quickly looked away, just like a guilty child when he made a mistake. When he looked at Ashley, it reminded him of the stupid things that he had done.

Ashley knew what he was thinking. She smiled and said sweetly, "Come here, honey. I'm so tired. Why don't you come and sleep with me?"

Upon hearing her, Andrew was relieved of his awkwardness and walked to the bedside. He pulled back the quilt and got in beside her.

The bed in the SVIP room was much bigger than the ones they had in the usual inpatient wards. It was as if Johnny had already known what was going to happen between Andrew and Ashley. So he intentionally organized an extra-large bed for them.

The bed was too big, even for two people. There was a large empty space between them.

Andrew lightly said, "Goodnight."

However, Ashley slid across and snuggled herself into Andrew's arms. "I can't sleep."

"Why aren't you sleepy? But you just said..."

"Yes, I did. But you wouldn't have come to bed if I didn't say that. Would you?"

Andrew didn't know what to say. He would have gone to her even if she hadn't said that. But he wasn't sure if he would have gone to her so quickly.

He was wearing the leisurewear that Johnny had packed for him to bed. Ashley rested her head on Andrew's arm. She tried to calm herself down, but she still felt agitated. The cold, slippery leisurewear that he was wearing didn't seem to help either. It only irritated her even more.

Ashley thought of moving to the other side of the bed. But she didn't want to be away from the man that she loved so dearly, even for one second. So she wriggled her body against him and turned beside him, trying to get more comfortable.

While Ashley writhed against his body, she didn't realize the effect that it was having on Andrew. He was about to explode.

Andrew buried his nose into Ashley's neck and said in a hoarse voice, "Ash, stop!"

Ashley suddenly felt something hot and hard on him that was pushing against her. It seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.

When she realized what it was, she immediately stopped movin

rget it! Get lost before I kick your ass."

Greyson was dumbfounded and speechless. 'Is this the real Johnny?' he thought looking at him puzzled.

"How are they now?" asked Greyson.

"Miss Mu has woken up. She looks fine. Mr. Lu is with her now," Johnny said pleased. He then glanced at Greyson and added, "What do you want? You'd better not go bother them!"

Greyson rolled his eyes and said, "How am I supposed to do that?

But what has happened to Andrew? Is he sick? What's he doing in the inpatient room?"

"Mr. Lu has been taking care of Miss Mu for the last twenty-four hours. He agreed to have a rest after Miss Mu woke up. So he's taking a nap in the room."

"That's good," said Greyson.

"By the way, what about Lee?" asked Johnny.

"He's in my custody. He keeps looking for something to use to kill himself. I removed anything dangerous in his room and have only left the bed.

Andrew told me to keep him alive."

"That's good. Just keep him alive." said Johnny.

"When he realized that it was no use, he stopped his mischief. Now he would like to see Andrew. Can you believe that?" sneered Greyson.

'Who does he think he is? Andrew is so busy all the time. How could he expect that Andrew would want to meet him after what he did to Miss Mu. Does he really think that he has a chance to meet Andrew?' Johnny thought.

He frowned and said, "Let him be. Mr. Lu isn't likely to see him. You can do whatever you like to him. Just keep him alive."

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