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   Chapter 291 The Side Of Him Never Been Seen Before

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Andrew always had a fragrance of plants about him. It smelt fresh and pleasant. But today he had an odor like he hadn't taken a shower for a few days.

Ashley didn't want to make him feel embarrassed though she couldn't help but ask, "Andy, what's the smell on you?"

He put her down and asked puzzled, "Do I smell bad?"

After he sniffed himself, his face expression changed. He hadn't noticed anything before Ashley mentioned it. Andrew's mind was preoccupied with Ashley the last couple of days, and he realized that the last time he had a shower was two days ago. He hadn't changed his clothes ever since, either. Usually, he took a few showers a day.

"Give me a few minutes," he said, and then rushed to the bathroom.

Ashley stayed there and watched the door of the bathroom close. She suddenly squatted down, hugging her knees and her shoulders shook violently.

She felt her nose tingle, and her eyes were sore with tears welling up.

It was the first time that she had seen Andrew like that. He looked like a drowned mouse.

The Andrew she knew was always clean-cut, dressy, and spirited under any circumstance. But now he had let himself go.

The first time she laid eyes on Andrew just now, she thought it was another person seeing the state that he was in.

His eyes were swollen and bloodshot, and his skin was dull and pale. The clothes he wore were soiled and wrinkled. There was nothing on Andrew that reminded anyone that knew him of his old self. It was as if he had been devastated by something.

'Is he still, Andrew?

He had watched over me for one day and one night. Why had he been so silly? Why did he ignore his own health?' she thought bitterly.

After squatting on the floor for a while, she stood up, feeling dizzy. She had to steady herself by holding onto the side of the bed. Ashley looked no different except that her eyes were reddened.

'Is his brain impaired too? There aren't any clean clothes in the bathroom. What will he wear after he has a shower?'

Ashley went out of the room, hopi


Even Andrew couldn't bear to look at himself in the mirror, let alone Ashley.

He punched the wall hard. Andrew didn't want to ruin the image that she had of him in her heart.

Andrew washed his hair and scrubbed his body. Using a facial cleanser, he washed his face and then shaved. Now that he was clean and refreshed, he regained his confidence, nobility, and elegance once again.

However, only after he had finished did he realize that he didn't bring any clean clothes into the bathroom.

If he were alone, it wouldn't be a big deal. But Ashley was in the room. How could he get out?

He didn't think about the problem very long when he heard a gentle knock on the bathroom door. "Andy, open the door. I have some clothes for you," said Ashley.

Upon hearing her words, Andrew felt very embarrassed. She knew that he didn't bring any clothes into the bathroom with him.

He opened the door a little and reached his hand through the small gap silently. A pair of pale hands reached in and handed him his clothes.

Andrew took the clothes from her, and he could feel his face burning.

This moment was undoubtedly one of the most awkward times for him.

Ashley didn't say anything. She went back to the bed and lay there waiting for him.

She was already well-rested, and now she was spirited and didn't feel tired or sleepy at all.

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