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   Chapter 289 The Fatal Blow

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Greyson heard the words and walked over to kick Kerr. "What did you just say?! I dare you to say it again! Go to hell!"

Greyson had learned army martial arts from his father when he was very young. He was so angry that he didn't hold back as he beat Kerr relentlessly.

He was so overwhelmed with fury that he temporarily lost his mind until he heard Andrew's voice from behind, "Greyson, stop!"

"Andrew, this scum deserves to be beaten to death! Let me do it. I'll kill him!"

said Greyson angrily.

However, after he saw Andrew's eyes, he stopped and walked away. It was one of the most difficult times for Andrew after knowing what Ashley had been through.

Greyson walked to the side, while Kerr lay on the ground, half beaten to death.

Andrew took no mercy on him either. He took the gun that he had used earlier and fired a few shots at him. None of them were fatal. He only wanted to wound him and cause him excruciating pain.

'Li, I'm not going to kill you.

It would be just what you wanted if I killed you right away. That would be too good for you.'

In his own sick and twisted mind, Greyson understood and agreed with what Andrew had done to him.

Death wasn't so horrible at times like these. Worse than that would be to want to die, but being completely unable to.

Kerr wasn't afraid of death at that moment, but if there was one thing he was afraid of, that would be living a life of hell on earth.

After all, he and Andrew had similar mindsets.

Andrew looked at Ashley in his arms and then instructed, "Don't kill him." Then he left the room to take care of her.

Johnny was sensible enough to not follow him and give them some space.

Johnny blamed himself and knew that it was his fault. He hadn't handled the situation well and that consequently led to Kerr's kidnapping of Ashley.

He lowered his head, feeling guilty.

"Johnny, what are you doing here instead of following Andrew?" asked Greyson.

Johnny grimaced and said, "I'll probably be traveling to Africa soon."

"That sounds good. You can relax there. But why Africa? Is it somewhere that you've always wanted to go?" asked Greyson.

He stared at Johnny, waiting for a reply. But when he saw the expression on Johnny's face, he understood the sarcasm behind his words.

"Well, it's not what you think," J

ly the truth, and he believed him. He just couldn't admit it. It was too painful to admit.

If what he had thought this whole time wasn't true, then he was living a lie all this while. That was the only reason that had kept him going, to wait for the chance to get his revenge on Andrew for what he had done. But now, he had lost the chance to avenge his wife and daughter. Instead of finding the real killer, he had wasted all his time and energy on the wrong person.

'Who the hell killed them?'

"Arrgh!" He gave out a cry of extreme agony. Although he was in great physical pain, it was the psychological torment that hurt him more.

But no one cared.

The people in the room only had to keep Kerr from dying and nothing more.

After Johnny gave a piece of his mind to Kerr, he felt much better. He was going to Africa either way, so he didn't care about inflicting pain on someone else, especially Kerr.

Yes, he needed someone else to taste the pain that he was in.

It was true that his happiness was built on the suffering of others.

Greyson looked at Johnny and said, "Johnny, your torturing techniques have got an upgrade since the last time we saw each other a few months ago."

"Thanks for the praise, but I'm afraid they're still far behind yours," Johnny retorted.

"Really? Then, let me teach you some more stuff," Greyson said with a grin.

"No, no, you've already been very busy today. Thanks. I'll go and find the boss now. You deal with the matters here. See you."

Saying that, he quickly left the place.

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