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   Chapter 287 Save Me

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The other guy looked at him with contempt. "What a loser you are! Can't you do it now? Let me do it first. You won't be able to last until the end."

Kerr was watching them anxiously and impatiently. 'Why can't they just hurry up and do it? What's the point of being dilatory?'

He couldn't stand it any longer and asked impatiently, "Are you going to do it or not? If you are, then be quick about it!" 'If we wait until Andrew comes, then none of us will be able to get away with it.'

However, Kerr didn't want to run away. His wife and daughter were both killed by Andrew. What was the meaning of living alone without them? Besides, he didn't think that he would get away with it when he was done with what he had planned to do.

If he could, he would have liked to kill Andrew too. He should die to atone for his sin of killing his wife and daughter.

The two men started to rip off Ashley's clothes. They were pawing at her body and even leaned over to kiss her.

"Go away! Leave me alone! Go away! Don't touch me!" She tried to dodge them and flinched each time they touched her. Her teardrops rolled down her cheeks like scattered pearls.

But her cries didn't stop the men. Instead, it aroused their excitement.

One of their hands touched Ashley's mouth accidentally, and she bit it without thinking. She clenched her teeth on the hand tightly and wouldn't let go.

The hand was disgusting and probably hadn't been washed for a long time. Ashley fought the urge to vomit from the foul smell and bit down on it using all her strength.

"Argh! You little bitch! You bit me!" the man cried out in pain and drew back his hand with force. He then immediately slapped her hard across the face.

He was a big man, and he used all the strength that he had to slap her because the pain in his hand had angered him.

Ashley's head tilted to one side after being slapped, and her face had swollen up immediately. A trickle of blood dripped out of the corner of her mouth where she had been hit.

The injury on her face loo

o do what they said, then Ashley preferred to bite her tongue off and kill herself.

She wouldn't let them touch her body and violate her.

No! Absolutely not!

She closed her eyes in despair. Andrew couldn't make it in the end.

'I'm sorry, Andrew. We agreed to share our lives together. I will have to go back on my word.

Ellie... We agreed to travel around the world and taste all kinds of cuisines. But now, I can't keep my promise to you either.

I'm so sorry that I still haven't helped you find the one you love and someone who would love you back.'

Bang! With a loud noise, the door was kicked open.

Ashley's eyes were closed in despair, and two filthy, vile men had inched their way to her. Their hands were almost touching her.

Andrew was so enraged that he wanted to burn the whole place down! 'Damn these bastards! I will show them the way to hell! Everyone who hurt her should burn in hell!'

Ashley didn't know if it was because she was dying, she felt like she was seeing Andrew in front of her. He wasn't calm and aloof as he always was. His deep eyes always seemed to see through everything in the world, but if you looked into them, you would find nothing... no emotions.

But now, he was in complete panic.

'How could that possibly be him? Does he really have a side of him that would panic?

Is this a dream?'

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