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   Chapter 286 Desperation

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6968

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Kerr couldn't care less about what Ashley was thinking. He started to talk.

Ashley came to know that he had been one of the directors of the Lu Group. And he had a lot of authority on the others.

He had been with the Lu Group for a long time. Andrew had fired him because he had leaked important information to the competitors.

But he blamed everything on Andrew. Kidnapping Ashley was his way of getting back at him.

Ashley felt bad for herself.

She had done nothing to harm him, but he was intent on hurting her anyway.

"I just made one tiny mistake. It did barely any harm to the Lu Group. Why is he hell-bent on destroying me?

He ruined not only my reputation, but also my family! What did my family do to him that he had to kill them? They didn't even know anything! They had done nothing wrong! Why did Andrew kill them? Tell me why! It's going to be an eye for an eye! He has to pay for it. He has to pay with his life for what he did to me!"

Kerr's face twisted in anger. He was staring at Ashley with extreme hatred.

Ashley didn't dare to utter a single word. She was afraid that anything she said might push him over the edge and he might take her life. Kerr Li was completely insane.

Although Ashley was unclear on the facts, she was sure that Andrew wouldn't kill anyone.

She believed in him.

Andrew might be a man of few words, but he definitely would not drive someone into a corner.

There was no way she was going to believe that he killed this man's family.

Kerr was going on and on about how brutal Andrew had been to him. Finally she couldn't stand it, and she responded, "I have faith in him! He wouldn't do such a thing. There must have been some mistake!"

She regretted it the second those words left her mouth.

She knew she shouldn't have provoked him.

As expected, Kerr was pissed. He looked at her as though he was going to eat her alive. His voice cracked as he said, "What did you say? You don't know anything! What do you know about him? You don't know anything about him! If you did, you would not trust him so

er like a prayer.

In the car, Andrew felt like he could hear her frantic calls, like some sort of a telepathic connection. He clutched his heart and said to Johnny, "Faster!"

Johnny didn't dare to say anything. He was doing the best he could. A convoy of police cars were following them.

Johnny was worried about Ashley too. Somewhere deep down, he had expected this.

He should have made Kerr disappear when he had the chance. Had he done so, Kerr wouldn't have had a chance to kidnap Ashley.

Johnny felt like it was his fault for not handling the situation well.

Meanwhile, Kerr was getting irritated watching the two morons fighting like dogs.

He yelled, "Enough! Why don't you both go at her together?"

They stopped fighting and

looked at each other. They seemed to like that idea.

They could totally taste her at the same time.

Kerr's suggestion broke Ashley's resolve. She didn't know why she was being punished like this by him.

'Andrew, I need you! Where are you?

Come on, Andrew. If you don't come soon, I am going to die here!

Andrew! Andrew! Please, oh please!' Ashley screamed inside.

One of the men walked over to her. Feeling the skin on her face, he said, "She is a true beauty. No wonder she is the wife of the Lu Group's CEO. Her skin is so smooth and soft. I can't stop touching it. I just want to do it right here right now..."

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