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   Chapter 284 The Foreboding

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"Mr. Lu, Miss Mu must be working overtime. You know Kelly. She often asks her subordinates to work overtime,"

Johnny observed.

'I must be right. That's the only reason why Miss Mu hasn't arrived yet.'

Andrew was a bit relieved when he heard his assistant's words, but he still wasn't happy.

"I don't think she needs to work overtime," he replied flatly.

'Well, you are the boss, and you have the final say!' Johnny thought to himself.

He took his phone out and was about to dial Kelly's number. 'You haven't worked overtime in a month. Why did you choose today?'

At the same time, he received a message on Wechat.

The notification tone was a little too loud. He got scared that it would piss Andrew off.

So he turned off the volume hastily.

From the corner of his eyes, he was relieved to see that Andrew had not been bothered by the sound. He clicked the message.

"Johnny, did Ashley get home?"

It was Amaia, the shy girl from the design department. She was into Johnny, so she had added him as a friend on WeChat. After a period of observation and with Ashley's help, she had found out all his interests. However, she had no idea how to build their relationship further.

Sometimes, she chatted with him using Ashley as an excuse.

According to her, Johnny was good to Ashley. He was her cousin, so she figured that they must have a good relationship. She could not only chat with him, but also maintain her friendship with Ashley.

But from Johnny's point of view, Amaia was Ashley's first friend in the company. That's why he had agreed to befriend her on WeChat. This would help him know more about Ashley. That was why he had placed Amaia's message at the top.

Apart from that, he wasn't interested in her at all.

But now, her message stumped him. 'Aren't they still working? Why is she asking me this question?

Are th

oked back. There were two men standing behind him, wearing ragged clothes, which were unkempt and dirty. No one could figure out who they were.

"You two, come here. I'll give you a chance to fuck Mr. Lu's woman."

The two men rubbed their hands in anticipation. Their eyes lit up as they headed towards Ashley.

Ashley watched them coming closer and closer to her. They ripped her clothes off rudely.

She was so frightened, and she finally screamed, "Aah! Get away from me! Go away! Let me go! Andrew, help! Save me..."

Tears streamed down her face. Her voice broke when she called out to Andrew. She was so scared.

Johnny clutched the phone tightly. He heard Ashley's panic-stricken voice clearly, but he had no idea what to do.

Andrew, who was sitting in the back silently, turned pale when he heard Ashley's voice.

He grabbed the phone from Johnny's hand and warned in a low, stern voice. "Li."

Kerr waved his hand to the two men when he heard Andrew's voice, asking them to get away from Ashley.

"Mr. Lu, you are finally talking to me.

It looks like she means a lot to you. Mr. Lu, let me remind you that she is just a woman. You can find dozens of women like her on the street. I can send you some if you need."

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