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   Chapter 282 Kidnapping

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Walking out of the coffee shop, Angelina looked back and asked, "Are we really going to leave Miss Lu alone there?"

Jeremy replied with a charming smile, "Didn't you tell her that you had something to deal with and that's why you had to leave?"

Angelina smiled naughtily and remarked, "It seems impolite now."

She remembered that Susie seemed to have fallen in love with Jeremy.

"Don't worry. Someone will pick her up later," he assured her softly.

Susie was the daughter of the CEO of the Lu Group. She would never go out alone. There must be many bodyguards around her. They would pick her up later.

Angelina said playfully, "Has Miss Lu fallen for you? She is always looking at you affectionately."

Angelina wasn't someone with a weak character. Otherwise, she wouldn't have led a good life in her foster parents' home.

When she found out that Jeremy was her brother, she wasn't very surprised.

He smiled, tapped her forehead gently and said, "What goes on in your head all day? I'm not interested in her."

She smiled without saying anything. She could feel that he had no interest in Miss Lu.

Susie was just acting out of her own wishful thinking.

She was Andrew's sister. But they had different mothers and they were not close at all. Moreover, Jeremy knew that Andrew didn't care much about the Lu family. But, he still couldn't fall in love with Susie because Andrew was his best friend.

Jeremy and Angelina directly went back home.

In the Lu Group, Johnny opened the door to Andrew's office with a pile of files in his hand. "Mr. Lu, here is the list of participants for the jewelry design competition," he said.

He put the files down on the desk, and then stood quietly in front of his boss, awaiting instructions.

'I told a lie that I am Miss Mu's cousin brother and Mr. Lu didn't scold me at the time.

But he has been working me to the ground since that day!

I have been working day and night!

And I have to help Mr. Lu fetch and carry his stuff!' he winced inwardly.

He regretted the lie he had told at that time.

The Lu Group business covered a wide range of industri

Sylvia had joined this department, everyone except Amaia had buttered Sylvia up.

But Amaia was always indifferent towards her.

Moreover, she also treated others in the company with indifference.

But when Ashley joined, Amaia's personality seemed to have completely changed.

She treated Ashley well, always standing by her side.

This annoyed Sylvia to no end.

Amaia looked at Sylvia coldly and said, "It's my decision. It's none of your business. Do you have a problem with that? Come and fight me if you dare.

No? I thought so. Well, don't get in my way. I have to go home now." Amaia pushed Sylvia aside and breezed past her.

Seeing Amaia's receding figure, Sylvia wanted to run to her and give her a tight slap.

After walking out of the office, Ashley walked to the tall tree, which was her designated spot, and waited for Andrew.

At first, when she told Andrew that she would get out of the car there, he was unhappy, looking at Ashley like an abandoned puppy.

But this was the least that Ashley could do. She didn't want to be stared at by others in the company as she got out of his car every day. They would certainly find out about the relationship between Andrew and her.

While Ashley was waiting for him, someone suddenly tapped on her shoulder from behind. She turned her head to see who it was. However, she couldn't see anything. Her world went dark and she lost consciousness.

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