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   Chapter 280 Sister

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Jeremy had never concealed the fact that he was looking for his sister, so his parents soon knew that he had found her—Camelia Gu.

When he finally confirmed that Angelina was indeed his sister, they couldn't wait to see her.

He had finally found his sister after more than a decade.

At a villa in J City.

Jeremy's mother, Belinda, looked at their butler, who was coming towards her, and asked in a wobbly voice, "Is it true?" She gripped her husband's hand tight and continued with irrepressible happiness on her face, "Did he really find Camelia?"

Even Jeremy's father, Martin Gu, who was usually calm and composed, looked at the butler with great expectations.

"Yes, it's true. Jeremy has found Camelia. It has been confirmed that that girl is indeed Camelia, who had gone missing many years ago," the butler said with an emotional sigh.

'After Jeremy lost his sister, his relationship with his parents had become strained. He had to move out of the house due to his guilt, in spite of the fact that his mother still loved him.

But his father had been distant towards him. They hardly met each other and even when they did, they didn't know what to say to each other.

For this reason, Jeremy came home only on holidays, and stayed for a short time, fearing that his father would be reminded of Camelia and get upset.

In fact, Jeremy had a hard time returning to his childhood home too, as he would be assaulted by her memories.

But now that Camelia has been found, their relationship might improve.'

The butler was somewhat relieved with this realization.

Belinda had a few gray hairs and some wrinkles around her eyes, which made her look like she was in her fifties when in fact, she was only in her forties. They had been searching for their lost

rther when his cell phone rang, interrupting him.

For the first time, an impatient look appeared on his gentle face.

But that look disappeared as soon as he saw who was calling.

"Angelina, I know you're confused now. But I'm sure you're my sister. This is the DNA result. Take a look. I'll take this call and come back right away," he said hastily.

It was from Belinda. He knew immediately why she was calling him.

"Hello, Mom," he said warmly.

"Jeremy, I heard you found your sister! Is that true?" she eagerly asked as soon as the call connected.

"Yes, Mom, I found her," he answered, looking at Angelina through the window, his eyes full of tenderness.

On the other end of the line, Belinda nodded at her husband, indicating to him that the news was confirmed—their daughter was found!

"Where are you now? I want to see her," she said, eyes moist with tears.

Jeremy frowned and did not speak.

"What's wrong? Does Camelia not want to see us?" Belinda asked urgently when she didn't get a response from him.

"Mom, don't worry so much. I just broke the news to her. I believe she has some feelings that she needs to work through first," he explained.

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