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   Chapter 279 A Sweet Mistake

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In S Hospital.

Exceeding everyone's expectation, Francis arrived at the hospital voluntarily. Ivor looked at him in surprise.

Ever since he had followed Francis' instructions and put that woman in an individual room, Francis had never shown up. He wondered what had made him come this time.

Francis glanced at him and asked, "What's wrong?"

"No, nothing."

"What's the result?" Francis asked.

Ivor furrowed his brows, puzzled. He searched his memory for a moment and then realized what result Francis was referring to. The last time Ivor had spoken to that woman, she had claimed that the baby she was carrying was Francis' child. However, Francis insisted that he never had intercourse with her. So, how could it be his child?

Now, the results had come. 'Is that why Francis is here?' Ivor wondered.

"Francis, wait a minute. I'll go and get the test results for you," said Ivor.

Francis stood anxiously outside the ward on the third floor. He gazed at the spacious corridor while he waited for Ivor to return.

He decided that once he settled this problem, he would go and confess his love for Ellie.

Ivor came back shortly after, carrying an envelope in his hand. "Francis, here is the test result.

That woman did lie to you. It's conclusive. The child isn't yours. What a disgusting and despicable woman!" Ivor said with deep contempt.

"Hmph! People always fail to remember their position," Francis commented.

Ivor pushed the door of the ward open, and stepped in.

As soon as he stepped through the door, a pillow came flying towards him. It landed just in front of his feet, missing him by an inch. The person who had thrown it had obviously used all of her strength.

Then an exasperated voice yelled, "Get out!"

The last time Francis had visited her, he had somebody do something to her, and her stomach hurt so much. She was fortunate that she still had the baby.

Since then, Francis had never come to see her. He even had her imprisoned in this disguised cell room. She wasn't allowed to go anywhere. The only people whom she saw were the nurses who brought her food every day. Other than that, she was completel

by is yours, not his. No!"

She wouldn't let go of his sleeve, and her face was as white as the sheets on the bed.

Francis frowned with disgust and took a step back. "Ivor," he called out.

Ivor immediately stepped forward and pulled the woman away from him. He knew that this sort of women repulsed Francis. Especially those who over-estimated their cleverness and abilities.

If every woman whom Francis had been with said that they were pregnant with his child, then he would have endless responsibilities and a kindergarten full of kids.

Francis turned on his heels and headed out of the room, turning a deaf ear to the wailing, pleading woman behind him.

At the same time, the test Neil had ordered earlier had also arrived.

When Jeremy got it, he couldn't wait to open the envelope and see the test result.

He read it again and again. His expression was complicated, and it was difficult to tell if he was happy or just surprised.

It was the first time Neil was witnessing the CEO have such an emotional fluctuation.

"Mr. Gu," he said.

"Yes! It is her! No problem. She's my sister!" Jeremy laughed and said with excitement in his voice.

Neil breathed a heavy sigh of relief. He had a mixture of surprise and happiness written on his face as well. He had seen his CEO make many attempts to find his sister, only to be disappointed with repeated failures. Now, he had finally found her. It was great news.

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