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   Chapter 278 Andrew Is Jealous

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Andrew narrowed his eyes and asked, "Why do you ask about him?"

He couldn't help but feel jealous. He wondered if Francis was spending too much time with her.

Although they were best friends, he couldn't stand the thought of Ashley thinking about any man besides himself.

Ashley had no idea what was on his mind. She responded, "Do you remember how I tried to set up Ellie and Francis in the past? But I recently found out that he is actually a playboy and that he might hurt Ellie. How can I let that happen?"

"You worry too much. It's their decision. You are in no position to put your nose into their affairs," he said shortly.

She was not happy with his response. She argued, "Ellie is my best friend. Of course, I will worry about her. Just tell me! What kind of man is Francis?"

Andrew sighed. "Sometimes, there is more to him than meets the eye. Much of what you've heard from people are fabricated stories."

Francis had a rather painful past.

Ashley didn't know this. She asked, "What do you mean?"

She wondered if the playboy thing was all an act.

She looked at Andrew with her big bright eyes, waiting for his reply.

She was wearing a pink pajama. Her hair flowed down her back. She was inches away from him. They were so close that Andrew could feel her breath.

However, she didn't notice any of this.

The top two buttons of her shirt had come undone. Her breast was showing.

She didn't realize this and moved closer to get an answer from him.

His eyes grew darker.

She didn't catch this change in him and kept talking. "What does that mean? Is Francis not really a playboy? Is he just pretending to be one for some reason? I don't—"

Without any warning, her question was interrupted by Andrew's lips.

Her eyes went wide. 'I am talking to you!

Can you not assault me like this?' Ashley thought.

Andrew bit her lips and spoke in a low sexy tone. "Pay attention."

The sharp pain made her open her mouth in surprise and his tongue found its way into her mouth.



And the answer was obvious.

After all, getting on Ashley's good side was a wise decision. So, he sent the details to Ashley.

It was then that Johnny realized that Ashley was trying to set him up.

He shuddered at the thought.

However, he quickly dismissed the idea because Ashley didn't come across as a nosy person. He calmed himself down.

In any case, the message was already sent. There was no way for him to take it back now.

Ashley couldn't wait to share the information with Amaia. She pulled her new friend closer and said excitedly, "Amaia! I got it! I got it! I got the information you wanted!"

"For real? Ashley, you really got it?" Amaia replied enthusiastically.

Ashley nodded happily.

"Oh my God! Ashley, you are the best! I love you so much!" Amaia gave her a big hug.

Sylvia was walking past them. Seeing them hugging each other, she snorted and strutted off with her heels clicking noisily on the floor.

Amaia noticed Sylvia's attempt to provoke them, but she was in no mood to start a fight with her. She was on cloud nine, and she didn't want to ruin it.

She wanted to focus on what Ashley had found out about Johnny.

Ashley sent the information to her and went back to work.

She had learned a lot during her past month at work.

She had formed a good relationship with her coworkers too.

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