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   Chapter 277 Being Both Pretty And Talented

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"Let's go inside and chat," said Ellie, holding Elain's hand and opening the door with the key.

The duo walked through the door and Elain waved to her father and said, "Dad, come on in!"

Edmund apologized, "Ellie, sorry to disturb you."

"It's okay. I love to play with Elain. And I live alone," she replied.

When they went inside, Ellie realized that she didn't have indoor slippers for Edmund to wear.

Fortunately when Ashley and Ellie were out shopping some time ago, they had bought a pair of kids slippers on a whim. Elain could wear those.

Now, it was her turn to apologize to Edmund. "Sorry, I don't have suitable slippers for you. You can keep your shoes on."

He walked in without being overly polite.

The living room was a cozy space. The decoration was simple, but everything was tidy and clean. The room wasn't big, but it was pleasant and warm, and a faint fragrance lingered in the air.

Elain took her house in and exclaimed, "Ellie, your house is so nice!"

Ellie responded with a smile, "I'm sure your house must be very nice too."

She didn't know anything about Edmund's profession, but judging from his dressing style, she figured that he had a rich background. Basically, they belonged to a world that was quite different from hers.

Elain pressed her lips and mumbled, "Not at all."

Her house was big, luxurious and had quite a few servants, but she didn't like it at all. It was cold, impersonal and lacked the cozy feeling that a home was supposed to have.

It was past 6 o'clock in the evening.

So Ellie casually asked them, "You haven't had dinner yet, have you? Would you like to have a simple dinner here?"

She was only trying to be polite and didn't really expect them to say yes, but...

Elain asked, "Ellie, can you cook? I would like to taste the food cooked by you."

Edmund looked affectionately at his daughter, who had already climbed into Ellie's arms, and said, "We'd love to. Thank you for inviting us."

"You are welcome," Ellie had to say.

She asked them to make themselves at home and went into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

She didn't have much food in the refrigerator—only some lotus roots, eggs, tomato, leafy vegetables a


But, he soon realized he was talking to Ashley, and he tried to be more open and loosened up a bit.

"Did she trouble you?"

He hadn't been back to the Lu family in a long time. His family members clearly didn't know how to behave themselves.

"She didn't trouble me. It's just that Ellie and I went shopping today and we ran into her at a store. We both had our eyes on the same dress. And I won the fight with her. I got the dress."

Ashley looked at Andrew uneasily. Even though Susie was just his half-sister, they were still siblings. Would he scold her?

He was watching her. "What are you thinking about? If you want to fight with her, you go fight with her. I won't berate you. But you'd better stay away from her in the future," he said.

Ashley nodded and said, "Okay."

The reason he had asked her to stay away from his sister was because he was afraid that she would do something bad to Ashley. He wasn't worried about what Ashley would do to Susie at all.

He didn't have even an iota of affection towards Susie. In his heart, Ashley's position was unrivaled.

After dinner, they went upstairs to rest. Ashley decided to ask Andrew about something that had been bothering her.

"What do you think about Francis?"

They were both showered, washed up and were lying comfortably on the bed. Ashley turned to face Andrew, but he was lying too close to her and she spoke as she turned towards him. Her breath blew directly onto his face.

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