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   Chapter 274 Little White Rabbit

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He was secretly amused. 'Yeah, there's no way that Andrew would fall in love with a weak person.

Besides, even a gentle rabbit might attack viciously if it were cornered. So, how could Ashley be a delicate rabbit in that situation? The way she was acting right now made her look more like a brave wildcat.'

Francis tended to attract a lot of attention wherever he went. Apart from his good looks, his flashy pink suit was eye-catching too. It was difficult not to be noticed in such a brazen outfit.

For a moment, Susie couldn't think of the right retort for Ashley.

Andrew's marriage had been decided within the Lu family a long time ago. They were just waiting for him and Lesley to give their consent.

But just as Ashley had pointed out, even though the family had decided Andrew's marriage, it didn't mean that he had to accept it.

Susie wore a scornful expression.

And even Lesley, who was standing by her side, was looking a little pale.

'What does that mean?

He doesn't like me?'

Both their families did intend to get them married, but Andrew had never articulated his opinion on the matter. No one knew what he thought about it, or whether he was even aware of this tacit agreement between the two families. 'But, how can he not know about it? It is so obvious. It almost goes without saying!

So, why hasn't he responded or reacted till now?

Did he choose to simply ignore it? Did he feel that it wasn't even worth responding to?' Lesley wondered in horror.

Francis sneered and said languidly, "This is news to me; I had no idea. Since when does Andrew have a fiancée?!"

He walked over to Ashley and Ellie and stood with them to show that he was on their side.

However, when his eyes met Lesley's, he still wavered a little.

His sexy eyes turned dark and were almost unreadable.

Ashley glanced at him, but said nothing.

Andrew was his good friend. He showed his loyalty by taking their side.

Meanwhile, Susie was going crazy after hearing Francis' remarks.

'Why does this guy enjoy meddling in other people's business?

Not only is he Andrew's friend, but he also has a good r

in at him with a mixture of confusion and hope.

But Francis didn't say anything.

He wasn't his old self anymore. In the past, he wouldn't have given up such a good opportunity, especially when a girl was throwing herself at him.

But now, when he thought of Ellie, he realized that he already had a person he adored, and that made him lose interest in others.

Ashley watched what was going on with a furrowed brow. How could she not know what that woman was aiming at? It was plain as day.

'So, the shop assistant is interested in Francis now?

Oh, gosh!

Wherever he goes, he manages to get women to throw themselves at him voluntarily.'

Ashley rolled her eyes at him with disgust.

But at least he didn't respond to the girl's flirting. If he had, Ashley wouldn't have let him off easily.

If he wanted to be Ellie's boyfriend and at the same time ogle at other women, Ashley would not sit by and allow that to happen.

Right then, Ellie opened the door of the fitting room and walked out.

Everyone automatically turned to look at her.

She was wearing the dress Ashley had given to her.

It was a knee-length dress made of white lace. Ellie's skin was pale and her figure was petite. The dress added a touch of gentleness and grace to her.

The waist was especially beautiful, as it highlighted her slender and hour-glass figure.

One would think that the dress was tailor-made for her!

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