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   Chapter 273 Just A Third Wheel

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As soon as Susie came in, she saw the dress in another shop assistant's hand. She was immediately attracted to it. Subconsciously, she neglected to see Ashley and Ellie beside her.

However, standing behind Susie, Lesley noticed Ashley and Ellie.

After coming back from the village, Lesley had asked her bodyguard to investigate Ashley. However, they only got some useless information, which irritated her a lot.

It was as if someone was protecting her, which made Lesley even angrier.

When Lesley first met Andrew in her childhood, she had decided that she would marry him when she grew up.

As they grew up day by day. Lesley became fonder and more satisfied with Andrew. Moreover, Andrew refused to be contaminated by bad influences, and there were no other women around him. So, Lesley had no competition and was happy to be around Andrew for a while.

Although, as time went by, rumors had started circulating that Andrew was gay because no one had ever seen him with a girlfriend or seen him be intimate with a girl. But Lesley refused to believe the rumors.

In her eyes, Andrew was so noble, elegant, calm, and steady. He was the perfect man of every woman's dream. How could he like men?

Previously, although Andrew had been neither cold nor warm towards her, there were no other women around him. So, she intuitively felt that she was the most special woman to him.

But ever since she had come back from abroad, everything had changed.

As arrogant as Lesley was, ever since her childhood, how could she possibly put up with this?

Susie wasn't aware of all the thoughts that were swarming in Lesley's mind in the short period that she was away.

Susie said to Lesley, "Look, Lesley. Isn't this particularly beautiful? It would really suit you."

Susie and Lesley were the princesses of the Lu family and the Feng family respectively. But they were acting as if they had never seen a beautiful dress before.

Naturally, it was just their passing fancy to check out the clothes at the store,

as a good-tempered person, being called the third wheel had even irritated her.

It was quite an insult!

Ellie looked at Ashley anxiously. But, she held on to her arm when Ellie was about to say something.

It wasn't appropriate for Ellie to get involved.

Ashley took a deep breath and looked at Susie with a smile. "I don't know what you're talking about. But, it was not very nice of you to say that. Andrew is with me now. We're a couple. What about Lesley? Who is she? I've never heard Andrew mention her before. Besides, it's very presumptuous of you to call her your sister-in-law.

Or perhaps you think that you can choose your favorite person as your sister-in-law and your brother has to just marry her. There's no choice in it for him?" Ashley ridiculed her before she finished.

After hanging up his phone, Francis came in and heard Susie call Ashley a third wheel. He frowned and thought to himself, 'Susie is not a well-mannered girl even though the Lu family has provided her with everything she ever wanted.'

He walked in quickly to help Ashley. If Andrew found out that his beloved wife was bullied, and that he didn't stick up for her, it wouldn't end well for him. Besides, he hadn't forgotten that Ellie had slapped Susie last time. Perhaps, she still held a grudge.

However, Ashley's sharp response startled him.

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