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   Chapter 271 Why So Obedient

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When he realized what Ashley was mumbling about, he was ecstatic.

He watched her sleeping, bent down to kiss her forehead and said softly, "I don't love Lesley. You have always been the only one that I loved."

For the longest time, he didn't even know who Lesley was. One day, she had come to see him as a representative of the Feng Group to talk about a joint venture. That was how he had met her.

Ashley occupied his heart entirely and there wasn't room for anybody else in it.

She had probably heard some rumors in the company that day and that was why she was upset. She was even rambling about it in her dreams, exposing her innermost thoughts to him.

The next morning when Ashley woke up, she was alone in bed and the space beside her wasn't warm. She guessed Andrew must have woken up quite some time ago.

She fumbled for her cell phone and sent a message to Ellie. When she looked at the time, she found that it was already past eight o'clock.

She sprang out of bed immediately. She remembered that she had set the alarm yesterday. 'Why didn't the alarm go off?' she wondered. She had to report to work. It wasn't like her own cake shop, where it didn't matter if she got in early or late.

Where was Andrew? Why didn't he wake her up when he got up?

She checked her cell phone again and found that there was a text from Amaia. It said that they had the weekend off and that they didn't have to go to work today and tomorrow.

She sighed in relief.

She had forgotten that yesterday was Friday and that they usually had the weekend off. So, she had just worked one day and then she had the next two days off. What a fine life!

She got dressed and then went downstairs. Since she didn't have to go to work that day, she decided to meet Ellie. She had already decided to take up the job in the company, so she had to let her know as well.

When she went downstairs, she saw Andrew coming out from the kitchen with a plate of food in his hand. It looked delicious.

'So, he woke up early to make breakfast? He let me sleep so that I could have some rest.'

Ashley walk

tay, then you'd better shut up," Ellie, who had been silent all this while, said slowly.

All of a sudden, the smile on his face disappeared. He stood behind Ellie obediently.

"Wow..." said a shocked Ashley.

Ellie was quiet too.

'Why is he being so obedient now?' Ashley wondered in shock.

Ivor, who was observing all this from the shadows, was so shocked that he almost fell to the ground when he saw Francis acting this way.

He didn't know what Ellie had said to Francis, but she was able to make him listen to her like a well-trained puppy. She really had a way of handling him.

Everyone knew that Francis couldn't be ordered around, except by Andrew occasionally. What happened today was a real eye-opener for Ivor.

But at the same time, he was a little upset that Francis was so submissive to a woman.

He had warned Francis not to mess around with Ellie. She was Ashley's best friend and if there was trouble between them, he wouldn't be able to get away with it.

Judging by the scene in front of him, Francis had not taken his advice. And even if he had warned him again, he wouldn't have changed his mind.

Ashley regained her composure and glanced at Francis briefly, and then held Ellie's arm and walked into a shop. She wasn't going to be fooled easily. Francis was behaving decently right now, but she was not going to change her opinion about him anytime soon.

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