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   Chapter 270 Don't Leave Me For Lesley

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Ashley looked at Andrew as he added a few strokes to the droplet-shaped drawing in her notebook.

It took on a completely new look.

Ashley liked to draw since when she was a little girl, so it wasn't difficult for her to draw these. However, she was surprised to find that Andrew's drawing skills were very good. It was a bit unexpected.

The droplet necklace had always been one of her favorite designs, but she always felt that something was missing.

Ashley didn't think that Andrew could make such a difference just by simply adding a few strokes to it.

Looking at Andrew with her gleaming eyes, Ashley praised, "You're amazing!"

Andrew playfully ruffled and then caressed Ashley's head. "Why do you say that? Do I surprise you with my skills?"

Ashley nodded her head firmly. "Yes, yes! You're the President of the Lu Group. You can do so many things. You're a genius."

"I was interested in drawing from when I was a child. So, I studied it for a little while," he explained.

Andrew was extremely modest when he said that. As the heir of the Lu Group and the future master of the Lu Family, Andrew not only needed to learn so many things during his childhood, but also had to know everything better and more than others.

Andrew went to the bathroom to have a shower, whereas Ashley lay on the bed. With a pen in one hand and the notebook in the other, she studied the sketch that Andrew had just modified.

The droplet necklace that Ashley had drawn was well done, with the intricate and realistic details. Many people were amazed and impressed by it. That's why she loved to draw that particular necklace.

Andrew added a few small diamonds to it, giving it an entirely different feeling.

When Ashley sketched it, the necklace was casual, simple and wholesome. After Andrew's modification, it became elegant, magnificent, and luxurious.

The more Ashley looked at it, the more satisfied she was with the new look.

Once Andrew stepped out of the bathroom, Ashley couldn't help but go to him, holding the notebook in her hand.

Ashley looked

could be heard was the sound of Andrew's orderly, low and magnetic voice. It sounded like a lecture, but it didn't bore Ashley.

The whole time that Andrew spoke, Ashley was quiet and didn't interrupt him even once. After a while, Andrew turned his head sideways to look at Ashley when he felt a slight weight on his shoulder. He didn't realize that Ashley had closed her eyes and fallen asleep.

It had been a tough day for her. It was her first day at the company. Everyone thought that she had entered the company with the help of someone in charge. After a lot of painstaking explanations, some people had believed that she had made it on her own. That afternoon, Ashley was challenged by some of her co-workers. Then she had heard some news about Andrew and Lesley, which had upset her. So in all, it was pretty amazing that she had managed to stay awake for most of Andrew's lecture.

Andrew gazed at her peaceful sleeping face and smiled softly to himself. He put the notebook aside and then lay Ashley in the bed so that she could have a good night's sleep.

As he was about to move away, Ashley suddenly grabbed Andrew's clothes and cried out, "No! No! Please don't leave me for Lesley..."

Andrew was taken aback by the sudden outburst. He didn't hear her clearly at first, so he leaned closer to her. He listened carefully for a while as Ashley mumbled in her sleep.

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