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   Chapter 269 Something Is Wrong With Francis

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'I'm dating Ellie. My time is very precious right now, ' thought Francis.

Ivor was in a daze; he could only nod blankly.

He was watching Francis' receding figure when he finally came to his senses.

'Oh! What was I doing? I forgot. And what did I hear just now? What did he ask me to do?

Oh yes! I remember.

He said that he wants to woo Ellie, and asked me not to bother him unless it was very important. Wait! Did he say that he wants to win Ellie's heart?

Is something wrong with Francis? He is going to seriously try to woo Ellie and not just flirt with her? Why is he trying to woo Ellie now?

All right. All of those terms mean the same thing.

Doesn't he care about what I just told him? Has he forgotten about Ellie's connection to Ashley? Oh Francis, you will be punished severely by Andrew if you ignore my warning!' Ivor cried out in his heart.

He looked around the empty hospital and sighed heavily.

'Shouldn't I stop Francis from making this mistake?' he thought.

Meanwhile, a car pulled up to the Golden Palace. Ashley and Andrew entered their villa together.

There was no one in the commodious villa. Ashley remembered that Claire had to deal with some family emergency, so she had given her a few days off.

'I will cook by myself, ' she thought.

Ashley set everything down and went into the kitchen.

The refrigerator was stocked with all kinds of ingredients. Fresh supplies were delivered to the villa every morning.

Ashley looked at the ingredients in the refrigerator and thought for a while. 'A few simple dishes will be fine.'

She cooked the rice first, and then started trimming vegetables for the next dish.

She planned to make shredded pork with garlic sauce, sweet-and-sour pork ribs, stir-fried cabbage and mushroom soup.

After half an hour, Ashley was ready to set the table. When she turned around to go to the dining room, she suddenly saw a man standing by the kitchen door. It was Andrew.

She was so startled that she almos

lt offended and complained, "I didn't know that you would enter so abruptly. I was coming to ask where you put my notebook."

"You rushed off to the bedroom as soon as I told you that I saw the notebook. I didn't even have time to stop you," he said.

Ashley stretched out her hand and asked, "Where is my notebook? Give it to me now."

He glanced at her outstretched hand. Walking over to the bedside table, he took out a beautiful notebook from inside it.

It had been preserved so well that no one except Ashley would have known that it had been used for several years.

She treasured it. So, she was very careful with it.

Seeing the notebook, she quickly grabbed it from his hand.

She asked hesitantly, "You haven't seen my paintings, right?"

The moment she finished speaking, she immediately regretted asking the question. 'How could he have not seen the paintings inside? He already knows that I like designing. Obviously, he has seen my paintings, ' she thought.

"I saw everything," he said.

She could only nod and say, "Well, okay!" She was embarrassed.

"Your designs are good. But you should pay more attention to details," he suggested.

He took the little notebook from her hands. He then took a pen from the table and added a few strokes to her sketches, making them look better than before.

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