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   Chapter 267 Elain

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After the three of them left the supermarket, Ellie said, "Thank you, Mr. Su. Thanks for paying my bill."

Edmund had a genuine smile on his face. "Don't mention it. I should be thanking you! I wouldn't have been able to find Elain so soon without your help."

"Elain, you must listen to your father, okay? Be good. I have to go now. Bye."

"Are you going back home, Miss Su? May I have the honor of driving you back home? We don't have anything else to do," said Edmund.

"You can just call me Ellie. Miss Su is too formal," said Ellie.

"Okay, Ellie. Then, you can call me Edmund. Mr. Su is also too formal for me."

"Okay," Ellie laughed.

"Won't it be too troublesome for you to drop me home? I can take a taxi. My place is not far from here."

Elain begged her, "Ellie, let my father drive you back, please! Say okay."

How could one say no to such a cute little kid? Ellie couldn't let her down.

So she finally agreed.

"Great!" Elain was thrilled! She jumped into Ellie's arms and hugged her. She was laughing happily.

Edmund went to get his car while the girls stood there waiting for him.

Ellie was wondering why Elain's mother wasn't with them. 'Perhaps she is caught up with something else, ' she thought.

When Edmund got the car, Ellie carried Elain into the car and then got into the car herself.

They talked and played in the backseat. Ellie's jokes made Elain laugh hard.

In the soft and warm lights of the car, Ellie looked mild and delicate. There was a gentle and loving smile on her face. The two of them looked like mother and daughter.

Edmund watched his daughter through the rear view mirror and his eyes were filled with affection. When he turned to look at Ellie, a sudden gentleness took over his eyes.

He thought that it was time for him to find a mother for Elain.

It was over 9 o'clock in the evening now. After playing with Ellie for a while, Elain got tired and f

ed silent.

"I'll carry her," said Edmund. He got out of the car and walked around to the other side, opened the door, and tried to take Elain from Ellie's arms.

Even in her sleep, Elain seemed to know who was trying to take her away, so she clung to Ellie tightly and grabbed her clothes. She was struggling to stay in Ellie's arms.

Ellie was at a loss for words.

"All right, Elain. Ellie has to go home. We should go home and sleep too. Come on, let's go," Edmund coaxed her gently.

His voice was rich and deep—it was pleasing to hear. When he talked gently in a low voice, it was like a lover's whisper; it could make anybody's heart melt.

Ellie rubbed her ears and exclaimed to herself, 'Oh, my God, don't be so sweet.'

She and Ashley could not resist men with beautiful hands and deep voices.

She didn't know the reason behind this odd fixation. Perhaps she was born that way.

Elain hid her head in Ellie's arms and ignored her father.

She obviously didn't want to go with him.

He was patient with her for a long time, but she didn't budge. Finally his tone started to get harsh. "Enough! Come on now, sit up! Stop this tantrum!"

Elain's body turned stiff in Ellie's arms. She made no sound. He didn't know about this change, but Ellie could feel it.

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