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   Chapter 266 A New Rival In Love

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6070

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"You shouldn't run away from your parents again. They will be worried if they can't find you."

Elain nodded in response.

Ellie was persuading her as the call was getting connected.

From the corner of her eyes, Ellie saw that the call had been connected for a while. She picked up the phone in haste and answered, "Hello."

A deep but gentle voice said, "Hello."

She realized that she didn't know the little girl's name when she was about to continue. Ellie asked her in a low voice, "Hey, what's your name?"

Elain replied shyly, "Elain. My name is Elain Su."

'What do you know? We have the same family name.'

"Hello, you must be Elain's father. She is with me right now, and our location is..." She hung up after informing Elain's father of their location. "He will be here soon. Let's wait for him," she said comfortingly.

After a while, they heard steady footsteps drawing close from behind them. They turned around and saw a man heading towards them.

The man was wearing a decent suit and was pretty tall, about 188 cm. He looked like a warm, gentle person.

But he became anxious as soon as he saw Elain, and he sped up.

Elain hid behind Ellie when she saw her father. She was a little afraid when she saw his worried face.

The man reached them so fast that Ellie didn't have time to snap out of her reverie. "Nice to meet you. I'm Elain's father."

"Nice to meet you too," she replied, finally finding her voice.

Looking at her sincerely, Edmund said, "Thank you for helping my daughter."

Ellie responded with a warm smile on her face, "Oh, it's nothing. I saw her when I was about to leave."

Edmund didn't reply this time. Actually, he had heard them talking before she had answered the phone.

Turning his attention to the girl hiding behind Ellie, he said, "Ela

oodbye after helping Edmund pick out the goods.

He knew what Ellie was going to say, so he spoke before her, "Thanks for your help. I just realized that you have not told me your name yet." Then he paused and smiled. "I can't call you 'hey' all the time. It seems impolite," he continued.

Ellie looked embarrassed. She understood the problem too. "My name is Ellie Su."

"What a coincidence! We have the same family name.

Miss Su, let's go to the checkout counter together. I have nothing else to buy now."

Ellie nodded in response.

She stood before Edmund in the line. She took all her stuff out when it was her turn to pay. A slender, long hand reached out with some money when she was about to take out her wallet. It was a man's hand.

Looking behind her, Ellie saw Edmund's smiling face.

"Please let me pay the bill," Edmund offered warmly.

"No, no, I can't accept that. Thank you," Ellie refused, coming to her senses.

"This is a thank you for helping me find my daughter. I don't know how to return the favor. Please don't refuse."

Elain also persuaded her, "Ellie, let my daddy pay the bill. He has a lot of money!" Her tone was serious, making her look more adorable.

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