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   Chapter 265 The Mess

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"This had better be important, or consider this your last day!"

Francis growled impatiently, wondering why Ivor was stupid enough to call him when he was alone with Ellie.

Ivor seemed a little uneasy. "Francis, please come here. If you don't, the woman said she would come to see you. She's packing up right now. Miss, please wait a minute. Francis is coming."

The woman was torturing Ivor and he was frustrated enough to kill her, and Francis as well. He wished Francis was not so popular among the ladies. He should be cleaning the mess he created, instead of making Ivor do it.

Ivor's voice was a little high-pitched and sounded urgent, so Ellie was able to catch some of the conversation.

She looked at Francis and said, "Go ahead and deal with your business. I've bought all my things. I'll take a taxi later."

Recognizing Ellie's voice, Ivor became silent.

So, Francis was chasing after her now?

This was not cool. Ellie was Ashley's good friend and Andrew was in love with Ashley. If Ashley found out that Francis was chasing after her friend and mentioned it to Andrew, what would happen to Francis?

He would be rebuked by Andrew for sure.

Francis pondered for a moment and finally relented. "Wait, I'll be right over."

Then he turned to Ellie. "Ellie, please wait for me here. I'll be back in a few minutes, okay?"

Ellie turned around and pushed the cart, totally ignoring him.

He looked at her back and said to himself, 'Ellie, I'll tell you how much I like you once I close this chapter.'

Yes, Francis had just realized his true feelings for her.

He wanted to break off all relations with the women he knew previously and treat Ellie the way Andrew treated Ashley. He only wanted Ellie now.

After he left, Ellie turned around and watched him walk out the door. She frowned slightly.

Why was she trying so hard to ignore the discomfort she was feeling? Didn't she promise herself to not fall for a

r? Didn't he worry about her?

Of course, he did! But she was just a kid, she wouldn't understand.

Ellie tried to reason with her. "Do you know why he didn't give you these things to eat?"

Elain looked at her and thought that she was so gentle. She was totally different from other people, and her voice was so sweet.

She shook her head without hesitation. "I don't know."

Ellie explained, "All these things are not good for your health. It's all right if you eat them once in a while, but you can't eat them often. Your parents are worried about your health. That's why they won't let you eat those things.

And if you run away like this, they will get worried."

Elain's eyes were red now. "He... Will he really look for me anxiously?" she asked innocently.

"Yes!" Ellie nodded.

Noticing Elain's red eyes, Ellie's heart went out to the child. She rubbed her head. "Do you remember your father's or mother's phone number? Shall I call them and ask them to pick you up?"

Elain replied in a low and muffled voice, "I don't have a mummy."

Her voice was too soft since she was sniffling, so Ellie didn't hear it clearly. "Hmm? What did you just say?"

Elain shook her head sadly.

She remembered her father's phone number, so they called him and waited for him together.

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