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   Chapter 263 Speak Up For Injustice

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Ashley raised her eyebrows when she heard her colleague's last sentence.

This meant that she would have to impose one more condition on Andrew when she went back home tonight—he couldn't come to the canteen to have lunch anymore!

"Hey, you! Make five copies of these documents and give them back to me when you're done. Be quick! Miss Mo wants them urgently." A pile of documents were thrown onto her desk. Ashley's eyes moved from her computer to look at it.

"Sylvia, why can't you do it yourself? Can't you see that Ashley is busy?"

Before Ashley could open her mouth, Amaia, who sat beside her, rebuked Sylvia.

'She likes to bully the newcomers. She thinks of herself as senior staff here and tends to throw her weight around.'

"Busy? How could she be busy reading a few documents? These documents are required immediately. So do it now!" Sylvia wasn't afraid of Amaia. She knew some powerful people in the company.

Besides, the others in the department might not have seen it, but she had noticed the CEO sitting with these two girls in the canteen. They were lying when they said they hadn't met him. What the hell kind of trick were they playing?

Were they planning to seduce the CEO? How could she leave them alone? She had to show them their place.

In fact, not many people in the company knew Andrew. Since he had come to the canteen accompanied by Johnny, he drew a lot of attention from the staff and that's why everyone had easily recognized him.

And Sylvia had seen Andrew once not long ago. She had always wondered why there was no other man as handsome as him in this world. She thought that with her beauty and brains, it was just a matter of time until she conquered his heart.

"Sylvia, don't cross the line," warned Amaia.

"What have I done to cross the line? I'm only asking her to make some copies. I'm not asking you to do it. Are you her savior? She hasn't refused yet. What ulterior motive do you have in protecting her?"

Nobody else was interested in getting involved in their argument.

A good looking young boy started to say something, but an older man, who was seated

in her own.

"You know that a woman's hands are just as important as her face. You have to protect your hands. Treat yourself well, okay?"

She deftly applied some burn cream on her hand and babbled on about what should be done to care for burnt skin.

"Okay, I got it. Thank you very much, Amaia!" Ashley nodded and said.

"No need to thank me," Amaia said with a smile.

Just as she finished dressing Ashley's wound, Sylvia's irritated voice came from the distance.

This was followed by the clacking of her heels. Sylvia came to Ashley's desk. She threw the pile of papers onto her desk again. "See what you have done!"

Ashley looked up in puzzlement and asked, "What's wrong?"

Sylvia crossed her arms and looked down at her domineeringly, "What's wrong, you ask? Check it yourself! I told you that these documents are required urgently and that they are very important. I asked you to check them carefully after you make the copies. Now look what you have done!"

Ashley flipped through the first stack, examining them carefully, but found nothing wrong.

"Can't see the problem? How did I ask you to make the copies? I said make five copies. The first part of the document is the most important and the second part is not as important. You see what these are? You made no copies of the first part and made several copies of the second part. What do I do with these? They are of no use to me!"

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