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   Chapter 262 Cousin

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'Are they really cousins? The way they greeted each other looked awkward and impersonal. Why?'

Ashley detected the doubtful look on Amaia's face. She asked casually to Johnny, "Why are you eating here today?"

Johnny had to ignore the CEO's withering look and reply with a tense smile, "Today is your first day in the company. I came to check if you are doing all right. It so happened that Mr. Lu wanted to come to the canteen to have a look as well. So, we came down together."

Amaia dragged Ashley's arm and said in a whisper, "Ashley, the man in front of you is our CEO! Isn't he hot? Unfortunately, rumor is that he is cold and hostile to women."

Amaia's voice was low enough for only Ashley to hear, but from the movements of her lips and the way she was gazing at Andrew, Johnny could guess whom she was talking about without a doubt.

'But it's not good to gossip about someone in front of them, is it? Come on, girls! He is sitting right in front of you!'

Ashley looked around and found that people in the canteen were looking at them and seemed very excited.

She thought that maybe she was being a little too aloof in the presence of the CEO.

She closed her eyes for a while. When she opened her eyes again, she felt dizzy and stars were dancing in front of her eyes. She had to hold Amaia's hand tight. She said in a trembling voice, "Ah, is he really the CEO of our company?"

Amaia looked at Ashley, clearly satisfied with her reaction. She thought that Ashley must not have heard her properly last time. It looked like she had finally absorbed her words. Who wouldn't be excited to hear the CEO's name? Now, she wasn't able to control herself either!

"Yes!" Amaia replied affirmatively.

She thought that since it was Ashley's first day at work, she might not know much about the company. So, she babbled on and on about Andrew's achievements for quite a while.

Ashley replied briefly and stole glances at Andrew from time to time, as though she was totally attracted by him.

Johnny stared at her speechlessly. He exclaimed in his mind that this Miss Mu was born to be an actress. Her acting was almost flawless and

at happened in the canteen," Ashley whispered in her ear urgently.

Amaia made some protesting sounds.

Ashley removed her hand from Amaia's mouth.

"Why? Isn't it great that the CEO sat with us the very first time he came to the canteen for lunch?" protested Amaia.

Ashley said awkwardly, "I don't want too many people to know about my relationship with Johnny."

"Johnny is your cousin. Why don't you want others to know? They would only be jealous of you for being related to someone so important in the company."

Ashley touched her forehead and sighed inside. 'Why can't this girl understand? What is her head made out of? Do I have to be so blunt?'

She leaned in and whispered something in her ear.

"Oh okay! I got it. I won't tell them about what happened during the lunch break," said Amaia finally.

"Thank you, Amaia!" said Ashley.

Amaia waved away her thanks. "Don't mention it. Anytime anybody troubles you, you can just ask me for help."

"Great! Thanks again," she nodded and replied.

"When did you come back? Did you see the CEO in the canteen?" somebody asked them as they walked past their seats.

"No. You know, Ashley and I went to the canteen pretty late and we came straight back after lunch. The CEO probably left by the time we got there," Amaia replied smartly.

The person nodded and said, "Yeah... We should go have lunch on time hereafter. Perhaps we could meet him someday!"

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