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   Chapter 261 Strange Cousins

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"Yes. Don't tell me that you are so engrossed in your work that you've lost track of time. Look around, everyone else has left for lunch. Only we both are left here," said Amaia.

Seeing that Ashley was working so hard, Amaia didn't bother her and instead waited quietly. But after a long while, she realized that something might be wrong. It looked like Ashley wasn't going to have lunch at all. She was so absorbed in her work that Amaia had to remind her.

Hearing Amaia's words, Ashley raised her head to look around. Sure enough, all the others had left. Only they both remained in the large office.

'Wow! How time flies!' Ashley thought. She was working in the design department and she really enjoyed designing. So, she couldn't help getting lost in her work.

Ashley smiled at Amaia sheepishly and said, "Come on, let's go have lunch now."

As one of the top three companies in J City, the canteen in the Lu Group was naturally much better than that of the other companies.

Amaia and Ashley placed their orders, collected their food and sat down by the window to enjoy their meal.

Suddenly, some people gasped in the quiet canteen. Ashley ignored it and quietly continued eating her food.

But, Amaia suddenly tapped on her hand.

Ashley looked at her colleague. "What happened?" she asked.

Amaia didn't reply, but continued staring ahead, while she gripped Ashley's hand tight. She looked shocked and excited.

So, Ashley followed her gaze and saw a familiar, cold face.

She couldn't help frowning, but her heart skipped a beat.

She was a little nervous. 'It looks like they are walking over to me!' she thought. She slowly lowered her head, and started praying in her heart, 'Don't look at me. Don't look at me. Don't look at me.'

However, Andrew had specially come to the canteen to look for her. How could he not spot her?

The office canteen was very large. And since everyone didn't come for lunch at the same time, it wasn't very crowded.

Ashley and Amaia were sitti

see our CEO on your first day in the company.

Oh, I forgot that Mr. Cheng is your cousin brother. It's understandable that you aren't as excited as us. Don't you want to say hello to Mr. Cheng?" she asked.

Ashley was still thinking about the previous question asked by Amaia. She didn't think that Amaia would turn to another topic so quickly.

Ashley was stunned for a few seconds. 'Cousin brother?' she thought.

And then, it struck her. She greeted Johnny in embarrassment, "Hi, Johnny."

He nodded and returned her greeting. His stiff body language gave away his nervousness.

He didn't dare to meet Andrew's eyes. 'Is Mr. Lu thinking that I had wrong intentions behind this lie?' Johnny wondered.

He accidentally met Andrew's eyes, and immediately froze. 'Mr. Lu, I will explain everything to you clearly later. Things are not as bad as you think. I didn't lie for my own selfish reasons, ' he thought desperately.

Johnny was afraid that Ashley would be bullied by other people in the company for getting the job using someone's influence. That was why he had come up with this lie for Ashley's protection.

'I had forgotten to tell Mr. Lu about this. Will he punish me if I explain it right now?'

Johnny sobbed at his internal conflict.

Amaia felt that the vibe between Ashley and her cousin was a bit strange.

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