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   Chapter 260 Priggish Bullshit

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After asking that, she quickly mumbled, "I just didn't know that our company was recruiting lately." She did not want to not come across as being too inquisitive.

The others had heard her question and their ears were pricked up in anticipation. Everyone suspected that Ashley was recruited because of some influence, but they wanted her to admit it herself.

Amaia looked at Ashley frankly. There was no mockery in her honest eyes.

Perhaps she was genuinely curious.

"You want to know how I got this job? You think I got in because of influence?"

"Yeah," somebody said, "Didn't you come in with Johnny, the CEO's Special Aide? It's the first time I've seen Johnny being so nice to a woman. Do you know each other? From the way you behaved, you two seemed very close."

Somebody was looking at Ashley strangely, as though she had got the job in exchange for a sexual favor.

If Johnny saw it, he would be pissed to death!

He wasn't familiar with Miss Mu at all. In fact, he knew very little about her. She was just somebody he had to curry favor with because of the CEO.

The CEO was terribly possessive. If anyone stared at Ashley for a second longer than necessary, then it would be considered as ogling and the jealous husband would go mad. How could Johnny possibly get any close to Ashley?

She smiled and said, "Oh, Johnny! Sure, I know him. He's my cousin. I had come here for an interview earlier and got selected. But just before I was supposed to start working, I had an emergency back at home and had to ask for a few months leave. So, I wasn't able to come to work until today."

She pretended not to notice her colleagues' inquisitive eyes. A faint smile hung on her face the whole time she spoke.

"Oh! I thought you..." started one guy, scratching the back of his head. His comment was left hanging. Everyone knew what he was trying to say.

"You thought I got the job because I have a relationship with some big shot here? Well, it doesn't matter. I know what I have done and I will behave as per my values. I don't care much about what others think of me. I guess I'll

m think they have a big shot behind them and they keep hectoring others.

They are bound to lose the favor of the big guy one day, and then, they will find they have no position in this company. These people don't have the talent or the expertise to be able to retain their position in this company for long."

Ashley smiled to Amaia and said, "Don't worry. I'm okay. Let's get to work."

"Okay. If you have any doubts, just ask me," offered Amaia.

Ashley nodded and they got down to work.

It was her first day at work, so she wasn't given any particularly difficult tasks. She was just asked to work on some tables and go through some documents.

Ashley was also bewildered by the fact that Johnny had arranged for her to work in this particular department.

It was the designing department! She enjoyed designing, but only Ellie knew that. Even Raymond never had a clue.

She always had interest in designing. When she was with Raymond, she was majoring Finance. But she had never given up her study on designing.

She was someone who was persistent about pursuing things she liked.

She had worked for a few years in Raymond's company. So, she figured it wouldn't be difficult for her to adjust here.

She was lost in her job when Amaia called out, "Ashley, let's go. Time for lunch. I'm starving."

Ashley raised her head from the computer and asked, "Oh, is it noon already?"

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