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   Chapter 259 Arrangement

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"Hello, Mr. Cheng!" She stopped in front of him.

Johnny nodded in return.

"Please come with me, Miss. Mu." Johnny took the lead and Ashley followed.

When they entered the department, the employees working there glanced at them briefly, before drawing their attention back to work.

Ashley was relieved. This was the good thing about big companies. They would not whisper about her or embarrass her.

Johnny showed Ashley to an office. He paused outside the room and knocked at the door.

A woman's voice came from behind the door. Johnny pushed the door open and entered.

It was a private office with a big room and tidy desks.

Everything in the room suggested that its owner was meticulous and liked order in their life.

A woman, in her forties with short hair, was seated behind a computer with her eyes glued to the screen.

She was well-dressed and seemed intellectual and serious, but also a bit tough.

Johnny greeted her first and then asked, "Are you free right now, Miss. Mo?"

The woman looked up from the computer, her eyes met Ashley's and then averted back to Johnny.

"Not really," she replied.

Kelly Mo was probably the only person in the Lu Group who would dare to treat Johnny this way. However, it was her experience and expertise that gave her the courage to do so.

"Miss. Mo, it's only going to take a few minutes, I promise," Johnny requested with a smile.

There were always some people who acted differently in a company.

And Miss. Mo was certainly one of them.

Kelly Mo was 22 when she first joined Lu Group. Starting from the bottom, she had worked her way up to being the head of the department. She relied on nobody but herself.

It was her nature to treat everyone equally, irrespective of how they got into the company and who was behind them. She had

those comments. She knew this would happen before she came, as nobody liked to see others succeed with such ease.

"Okay. Now everybody stop talking and get back to work!

Ashley, your desk is over there. Ask your colleagues for help if you have any doubts," Kelly instructed and then went back into her office.

Ashley walked to her desk. She took a deep breath and thought that since she had taken the decision to work here, she would soldier on.

"Hi, Ashley. I am Amaia." Ashley heard a sweet voice from nearby as she sat down. It was a girl, who looked like she was in her early twenties, with dark brown, curly hair and big eyes. She was wearing a smart business suit and when she smiled, two dimples appeared on her oval face. She greeted Ashley with a big, friendly smile.

"Hello Amaia," she said, returning the smile.

"Ashley, don't mind what Kelly said. She is indifferent to everyone. However, as tough as she is to work for, she is really nice to us."

'Amaia must have been working here for a long time since she knows Kelly so well, '

Ashley thought. She smiled and said, "I'm good!"

Amaia rested her chin on her hands and asked Ashley curiously, "So, how did you get the job?"

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