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   Chapter 258 Go Through The Back Door

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Ashley would be shocked if she knew what was going on in Andrew's wicked mind.

She smirked and thought, 'I was just pulling his leg. Why did he take it so seriously? He found all these things and gave them to me.

Is he innocent or foolish? He must be foolish, ' she thought to herself with a grin.

Ashley was the only one who thought Andrew was foolish.

The senior managers of the Lu Group would be astonished if they ever heard this.

He was the most intelligent man they had ever seen.

He managed the Lu Group very well and made a clean sweep of all obstacles wherever he went. He had led many businessmen to their ruin.

Nobody would ever dare to use the word "foolish" to describe him, except Ashley.

Andrew, however, looked at Ashley seriously. One could tell that he was not kidding.

She looked away and rubbed her nose. "Are you sure you want to give all of these to me?" she asked.

Andrew nodded quietly in response.

"Aren't you afraid that I might use it to do something bad?"

"You won't," he replied confidently. 'You don't need to do anything bad because I will do them for you, ' he thought in his mind.

Warmth surged in her heart when she learned about his blind faith in her.

He was so different right now. Unlike his usual cold and serious self at work, he looked cute and naive as he sat on the bed with his deep, dark eyes on Ashley. He was gentle and approachable at that moment.

His eyelashes were long and naturally curved upwards, making them appear more attractive than a woman's eyelashes. His tousled, soft black hair suited him perfectly and the man was blessed with wonderfully beautiful ivory skin.

Looking at him, Ashley desperately wanted to run her hands through his hair.

'He is a soft kitty now, in place of the monster back at his company. There is no need to be scared, ' she told herself as she stretched her hand to touch his hair.

'Yes! I did it! I

she entered the building.

Wearing a professional smile, the woman said, "You must be Miss Mu."

"Yes." Ashley nodded.

"Please follow me."

The woman led her upstairs through the elevator.

The woman had her hair pulled into a ponytail and looked experienced. 'She looks good, but doesn't seem very good at social niceties, ' Ashley thought.

She was shy too, so they stood in the elevator silently.

The elevator stopped at the fifteenth floor. Ashley saw Johnny heading towards them when they stepped out of the elevator.

He trotted over to her. "Miss Mu."

Ashley was helpless. 'I told him that we should pretend to be strangers. Why did he send Johnny?'

Johnny, too, was feeling helpless. Andrew had driven him out of his office with a sharp look.

He was worried that someone would bully Ashley—the newcomer in the company.

'Boss worries too much. I already asked someone to take Ashley to her office. Why do I need to be here too?' Johnny complained in his mind.

Many thoughts were flying around everyone's mind in those few seconds.

The woman's demeanor changed when she saw Johnny. Everyone knew that he was the second boss in the company.

Her expression changed a little when she turned to look at Ashley.

Ashley felt confused and annoyed.

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