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   Chapter 257 Work In The Company

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She didn't suspect anything. But how could the Lu Group be short-staffed?

People were dying to get into it. The candidates had to go through a tough selection process, several tests and interviews before they could finally get the job in this prestigious company.

But Andrew was making it sound like the company was in a bad position now, and not the powerhouse it used to be.

It had to be just a misconception!

"Would you like me to help you out at your company?" Ashley asked. After Ashley had graduated from college, she had worked in Raymond's company for years and had some work experience.

She probably wouldn't be of much use to them, but at least she could help them with something.

"It would be great if you could come. But didn't you say that you didn't like to work in a company? What about your bakery?" he asked.

"Ellie can handle it by herself. And I'll go to the shop to help her whenever I have time. As for what I said before about working in the company, I don't think it will be a problem. Anyway, I have worked in a company before. It's not a big deal."

It was not until they were back home and in the bedroom that she realized that she had forgotten something.

'Work in Andrew's company?

I'm going to Andrew's company?

Wait, it's Andrew's company, the Lu Group, and Andrew is the CEO there!'

She rubbed her forehead in resignation. How could she forget such an important detail?

When Andrew walked into the bedroom, she went up to him and asked, "Hey Andy, are you busy?"

You read that right. She just called him Andy.

From "Mr. Lu" in the beginning to "Andrew," and now to "Andy."

Though Ashley resisted addressing him this way, she preferred it to "Honey."

Andrew closed the file in his hand and rubbed his temple and said, "No."

"I agreed to come and work at your company, but there are a couple of things I would like to tell you."

"What is it?" he inquired.

"When I'm working in the company, can we keep our relationship a secret? And the other thing is, when I go for the jo

me all the same?"


"Mr. CEO, don't you think you are throwing away your family fortune?"

Andrew put down the book in his hand after hearing her words and gazed into her eyes.

Ashley touched her face consciously and asked, "What's wrong? Something on my face?"

"I'll be responsible for building the fortune. You just have to think of ways to spend it. You can do whatever you want with it." She didn't expect that answer from Andrew.

She blushed. Her husband seemed to have a huge stash of sweet things to say to a woman. It was overwhelming for her.

It was proof that he read romantic novels too. Now, she was even more certain about it.

Andrew leaned over to the night stand and fumbled in the drawer. "What are you looking for?" she asked quizzically.

He didn't answer. He found what he was looking for and laid it all out in front of her.

She was even more bewildered now. "What are these?" Andrew had spread out some bank cards and property ownership certificates. What did it mean?

Andrew pushed them towards her and put them in her hands. "They are all yours. The password is your birthday."

He was acting just like the heroes in the romantic novels he had read. The hero would give all his money to the heroine and transfer the ownership of his properties to her. A gesture which clearly said, "All I have belongs to you."

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