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   Chapter 256 Show Weakness

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While Andrew was peering at all the dainty dishes laid out on the table, Ashley was nervous, as she didn't know what he liked to eat. She had just whipped up some home-style dishes. She hoped they were to his taste.

She should have asked Johnny about his likes and dislikes, then she would have known what to cook for him. She began to reprimand herself for not having been more thoughtful.

She stood near the table and eyed him carefully. Then she quickly lowered her head and asked, "Um, have you had dinner yet?"


"Have you had dinner yet? If not, let's eat together."

"Did you cook this?"

She nodded.

There was a faint smile on his lips, which she did not notice.

"Where's Claire?"

"She had a family emergency and asked to leave early. So I let her go. She'll be back after two days," she explained.

"Okay. Let's sit down and enjoy the food."

She nodded absently and sat opposite him.

Andrew had changed into casual clothes after bathing. In a white T-shirt and black bottoms, he radiated youth and vitality. He looked so young, plus the smooth skin on his face was clear of any marks or open pores. Even Ashley, a born beauty, couldn't help looking at him with envy.

But as usual, his tightened face made him look serious and mature.

On the other hand, his casual clothes made him look as tempting as a fresh piece of meat!

"What's wrong?"

he asked her when he noticed her staring at him.

"Oh, it's nothing!" She snapped out of her trance and her face turned red. Why did she still enjoy looking at his charming face when they had been together for so long?

Imagine being captivated even now! How embarrassing!

Again, a faint smile appeared on Andrew's lips and once again, Ashley failed to notice it as she was bus

u good results."

'But, what if the result turns out bad?' he thought to himself.

He pretended to let out a long sigh.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, it's settled, but our director has disclosed our business secrets to our rivals. I'm afraid things will get worse," he added with a frustrated face.

If Francis was there at that moment, he would have definitely made fun of him for acting this way.

"That's a good one! You are really something!

Have anything ever gotten out of control under your supervision?

You have discovered the benefits of showing weakness to your woman!

Are you sure this is your first time?

You are such a genius!" Francis would have said.

Moreover, who could refuse such a good-looking man, especially when he looked at you so innocently?

"What are you going to do now?" Ashley asked hastily.

"It's a bit tricky. Our annual fashion design competition is coming soon. We are short-staffed and it's too late to start recruiting now."

"Oh, that's bad. What can we do?"

Ashley began to worry about Andrew's situation again, without doubting his intentions, when in reality, she was being led by him like a docile lamb.

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