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   Chapter 253 Lena Sowed Discord

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"Ashley, think about it carefully. What will you do at that time?

Lesley and Andrew grew up together and have similar family backgrounds. They will surely get married to each other sooner or later. Even if you have a marriage license, he will divorce you. You know that I'm stating the facts, right?"

Lena said cheerfully.

Seeing Ashley's appearance, Lena thought that she must hold a low status in the Lu family.

'If Andrew really likes her, he would not have allowed her to go shopping alone. There is no bodyguard around her either. And she has to take a taxi back home.

It seems that he has lost interest in her, ' Lena thought.

She felt like she had hit the nail on the head and the smile on her face grew wider and wider.

"Ashley, you are a smart woman. You should take the initiative and divorce him. Otherwise, the Lu family will ask you to leave him. That will be more embarrassing. Don't you think so?" she said sweetly.

Lena loved to see Ashley upset. She believed that Ashley should never be happier than her or have more luxuries than her. She looked down on her adopted sister.

She knew that she was the real daughter of the Mu family. But she often felt that Ashley behaved proudly, as if she had a higher social status than her.

Ashley had picked up everything while Lena talked. She quietly looked at Lena and then said, "Are you done?"

Lena was stunned for a while, then nodded absent-mindedly.

"If you are done, then apologize to me," said Ashley indifferently.

Lena was angry, but she laughed. Although she was wearing high heels, she was still shorter than Ashley. So, she had to look up at her. She asked, "Apologize? Why would I apologize to you? It is obvious that you were in my way. You should be the one to apologize to me."

It was night already. Ashley and Lena were standing under a tall tree by the side of the roa

her phone to silent mode.

"Ashley, I am sorry. I might have said something extreme, but believe me, what I said is true. I said those words out of concern for you.

We haven't been close to each other since childhood, but I still don't want you to be fooled. Ashley, please forgive me,"

Lena said and moved closer to Ashley, trying to hold her hand. Lena looked fragile and timid, very different from the arrogant witch she had been a few seconds ago. So convincing was her act that it would have made people wonder if Ashley was bullying her.

Ashley wanted to take a step back, but there was a tall tree behind her. Looking at Lena, she wondered if Lena was planning something fishy.

She pushed aside Lena's outstretched hand.

The next thing that happened shocked Ashley.

Lena fell down to the ground with a pitiful look. She started sobbing and gazed at Ashley as if she had hurt her.

Ashley didn't say anything, nor did she react to her drama.

She saw through Lena's act. 'Well, you can enjoy that acting all by yourself. I am not interested in your performance, ' thought Ashley.

She turned around and was about to leave when someone grabbed her wrist. When she heard the familiar voice, the pain in her wrist increased.

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