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   Chapter 252 Prepare A Meal

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As soon as Johnny gave the command, a gut-wrenching scream came from the girl on the screen, and her blood splashed everywhere.

Kerr was shell-shocked and collapsed to the floor. The horrible image kept flashing through his mind. His daughter's finger was cut off and she was bleeding profusely.

"Now, do you recall anything?" Johnny questioned.

"I'll talk! I'll tell you everything!" cried Kerr, out of breath.

There was no point in withholding information anymore to protect his family when matters had reached this stage. On the contrary, he might have a better end if he confessed to these guys.

It wasn't until now that he realized what everyone had said about Andrew was absolutely true. He was cold and merciless, and not at all sentimental when it came to business.

Kerr really didn't want to provoke this devil anymore.

Suddenly, a cell phone rang, interrupting the terrifying proceedings.

Andrew's face showed no emotion. Johnny inadvertently answered it, without even checking who was calling. He had touched the hands-free button by accident.

A familiar soft voice came through the phone. "Hello? Andrew, where are you?"

This sudden call from a woman caught everyone's attention. Johnny handed the cell phone to Andrew and said, "Mr. Lu, you have a call. It's from Miss. Mu. She's asking for you."

Johnny was relieved. Luckily, it was not his cell phone. He had remembered to turn it off, and also double-checked it before he had come in.

As soon as he heard her voice, Andrew's face changed. It was still as cold as ice, but now it looked like he had been kissed by a spring breeze and his voice was very tender.

"Hey! Yeah, I'm at the office."

Ashley had a hard time getting through to him from the bakery. She was finally

yed when she saw Lena. What a terrible day! Why did she have to bump into her in the street?

It was just not her day!

Ashley stooped down and picked up her stuff. Without showing any irritation on her face, she replied lightly, "Why can't I be here?"

Lena looked down her nose at Ashley, who was squatting on the ground and collecting her things. She cooled down a bit.

She said in disgust, "It's true that you're married to Andrew, but do you really expect to be the lady of the house? Look at yourself! I'm sure you haven't even been to the Lu family's house, have you?"

Lena laughed and continued, "Let's get this straight. You two are from different worlds. You don't deserve him.

Even if he likes you, he can't be with you.

And by the way, sister, I've got some news, and I think it may be useful to you. Would you like to hear?" Suddenly, Lena started acting like a good sister who was only trying to look out for her.

Without waiting for Ashley's answer, she continued eagerly, "I heard that Lesley, who is already acknowledged as Andrew's fiancee by the Lu family, is back in town. They both grew up together. Now, she's back to get married to him."

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