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   Chapter 251 Affection

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7000

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There was no light in the room.

The place was gloomy and creepy.

And somewhere in there, you could hear the sound of irregular breathing. Except for that, no other sound was heard from the room and it was even more terrifying.

Creak! The door was pushed open. A man wearing a black Armani suit walked in. He was tall and well-built, giving off an air of aloofness. His eyes were like two bottomless pools—nothing could ever faze them.

He walked into the room and brought some light into it.

His bodyguards, who had followed him into the room, stood in two lines. They showed no expression on their faces, making them appear all the more intimidating.

Andrew walked to a chair and sat down. Johnny went and stood behind him. They said nothing, but the silence was frightening enough.


A middle-aged man was on his knees. He was slightly plump and paunchy. His mouth was gagged and his hands were bound behind him. His expensive gray suit was now soiled and wrinkled like a rag.

He looked up and saw Andrew sitting in front of him. He started sweating profusely, wetting his entire suit.

He hastily fell to Andrew's feet. He tried to make some sound through his gagged mouth and kowtowed to him. His intention was self-evident.

"Mr. Li, why would you do that knowing you would end up here? When you chose to betray the Lu Group, you should have thought of what would happen today,"

Johnny said.

"Mmmph..." Kerr Li knelt on the floor and looked up at him pleadingly.

"Mr. Lu?" Johnny looked at Andrew for further instruction.

"Let's hear what he has to say," Andrew replied.

The two bodyguards went up to him and removed the cloth from his mouth. Kerr Li took a deep breath before speaking hastily. "Mr. Lu, I didn't intend to betray the Lu Group. I had never even thought of doing such a thing. It was them. They made me do it. They said that if I didn't do as they asked me to, they would kill my child and my wife.

I was forced. Please have mercy on me, Mr. Lu."

"Have mercy on you?"

Johnny laughed. "Mr. Li, do you know the conseq

rayed the Lu Group, so he deserved this. He had to accept the consequences. How could the Lu Group let him walk away? No, this wasn't a charity organization.

"Okay, I will tell you! I will tell you everything. Please don't hurt my daughter. What do you want to know? I will tell you whatever I know. Just please, please, don't hurt my daughter." Kerr Li was starting to get scared now.

However, Johnny wasn't moved by his pleas. "So, Mr. Li, you have come around? But it's a little late now. We need to collect some interest for all this lost time."

Andrew frowned for reasons unknown and glanced at Johnny. He said, "Hurry up."

He had already reached the limit of his endurance by not going home last night. And now, they were still wasting time. He wondered if Ashley missed him. Would she feel uneasy not seeing him at home?

Johnny noticed the impatience on his CEO's face, and the next second, he found Andrew's lips curving into a smile. Needless to say, he was thinking of Ashley.

Johnny felt like yelling at him. 'Mr. Lu! It has just been one day! If you can't leave Miss Mu for a second, how will you go on with your life? Do you want to be attached to her

like Siamese twins?'

Of course, he could only say those words in his mind. He couldn't dare say them out unless he wanted to end his own life.

No, he definitely wanted to live.

"Do it!" Johnny ordered.

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