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   Chapter 249 Doubt

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Seeing her parents' confused expressions, Susie asked, "What's wrong, Dad, Mom?"

"Doesn't everyone constantly say that Andrew never has any women around him? I haven't seen any woman hanging out with him in all these years either. Then why all of a sudden—" Arya wanted to continue speaking, but stopped abruptly.

Susie stopped crying finally and said, "I don't know why either. But the last time I went to Andrew's villa, I saw that woman there. If you see her, you'll know that she is a bitch. I think he was easily enchanted by her because he had never had a relationship with any woman."

Arya turned to Ethan and they exchanged a knowing look.

She then smiled to Susie and said, "It is all okay now. Go to your room and get some rest. Your father and I have to talk about something.

As for the injury on your face, your father will call the doctor right away. Make sure you ask him to treat it well. You can't have any scars on your face." It would be disastrous for a girl to live with a scar on her face.

Susie bit her lip. Shouldn't they be going after that woman to seek justice for her? Otherwise, she was slapped for nothing.

"Mom…" Susie began.

Arya stroked her hair and said, "I know what you are worried about. You can talk to your brother later and clarify things. As for that woman, we will look into it. Now be good and go to your room.

Terri, take Susie to her room."

"Okay, Mrs. Lu."

After Susie was out of earshot, Arya frowned and said to Ethan, "Isn't it true that Andrew has never been with any woman? So, why now?"

Judging from Susie's words, it sounded as if Andrew had been with that woman for quite a long time.

The Lu family had never been genuinely concerned about Andrew's personal life. In fact, when he didn't have a girlfriend, they were worried that he might have some problem. But now that he had a woman, they couldn't stand that either.

Ethan snorted, "This boy! Susie is his sister and he allowed them to bully her while he stood by and did nothing."

Arya felt bad for her daughter, but she had to take Andrew's side. After all, he was now the one in charge of the Lu fam


"Miss Feng."

Rae wanted to continue the topic, but a male voice interrupted her. A big, burly bodyguard showed up in front of Lesley with a serious expression.

When Lesley saw Adley, she knew that the investigation had yielded results. "Mom, I have something to do. I'll go upstairs now."

The bodyguard nodded to Rae and then followed Lesley out of the room.

Rae knew that he was Lesley's bodyguard.

They went into the study and Adley shut the door behind him. He went up to Lesley and held out the file in his hand. "Miss Feng, the information you asked for."

Lesley took it from him and pored over it.

The more she read, the more tightly her brows furrowed.

Ashley was an orphan who was adopted by the Mu family at a very young age. The Mu family, however, didn't like her very much. They basically neglected her one year after she was taken into the family.

Since her senior high, she had earned money to pay for her education and hadn't spent even a penny from the Mu family inheritance. She and her best friend, Ellie Su, had been inseparable.

When she was in college, she was in a relationship with the son of the Luo family. The Luo family requested her to leave Raymond more than once, but the two of them remained together for quite a long time, until Raymond cheated on her by having an affair with Ashley's sister. They broke up and have had no connection with each other since then.

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