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   Chapter 248 Susie’s Complaint

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When Ashley got out of the car, she asked Francis and Greyson to come into the villa for some time. After all, they had driven her back and they were Andrew's best friends.

Both men trembled nervously and shook their heads, refusing her invitation.

Ashley was puzzled. 'Is there a beast in the villa? Why are they so scared?' she thought. Seeing that they didn't want to go in, Ashley didn't try to persuade them. She walked into the villa after thanking them.

In the villa, Claire was cleaning the floor. Seeing Ashley, she put the broom aside and greeted Ashley.

"Claire, has Andrew returned?" she asked, looking around.

"Mr. Lu? He hasn't come back. Wasn't he with you?" Claire inquired.

Noticing the slight change in Ashley's facial expression, Claire asked cautiously, "Miss Mu, what happened?"

Ashley, who was lost in thought, snapped back to reality, and wondered if she was worrying too much about Andrew.

She smiled at Claire and said softly, "Nothing. I just asked casually. He might be at the office now."

She went upstairs. After thinking for a while, she finally called Andrew from her mobile phone.

But no one answered.

Later, she called Johnny. But he didn't answer the phone either.

Ashley frowned. 'What is happening? Why isn't anyone answering their phone?' she thought.

She forced herself to stop overthinking. 'Things might not be as serious as I am imagining. Besides, Andrew is so powerful that he can handle anything that comes his way, ' she assured herself.

Meanwhile, when Lesley and Susie found out that Greyson and the others had left the villa early in the morning, they were furious.

Susie's face turned gloomy and Lesley looked unhappy too, but she didn't say anything.

She had an important thing to take care of soon after.

After returning to J City, Susie and Lesley chatted for a few minutes, and then said goodbye to each other and left.

A bodyguard had come to pick up Lesley. The twenty-seven-year old man was tall and strong, an

try to conceive again. They both treated Susie very well.

Ethan and Arya had never hit her, and rarely scolded her even when she was only a child.

Looking at Arya, Susie felt comforted. She couldn't help thinking of the traumatic experience she had suffered the day before.

Susie curled her lips and spoke with tears in her eyes. "Mom, all of them bullied me."

She hugged her mother tight and cried.

Arya's eyes were full of concern. Susie had been brought up with great care. She had never gotten hurt. Seeing the hand print on her face, Arya couldn't help worrying about her.

"Susie, my dear daughter, don't cry. Who bullied you? Tell me. I will help you," Arya said softly, seeing her frightened daughter.

"The woman who has seduced Andrew is to blame! She and her friend got together and bullied me," she whimpered.

While narrating her ordeal, Ashley's and Ellie's faces kept flashing in Susie's mind. She wanted to kill them.

Ethan walked up to her with his eyes full of concern. He was enraged. "He's a horrible guy!" he shouted angrily.

Arya frowned and asked, "Didn't you tell your brother? How could he allow others to bully you? And who is this woman who has seduced him?"

Susie frowned and said, "How do I know who she is? Maybe she got close to him for his money. And Andrew treats her so well."

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