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   Chapter 247 Being Disliked

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Greyson mumbled, "Who cares where they are and what they do?" He didn't like Lesley or Susie. One was arrogant because of her social status, while the other was pretentious all the time.

"Ashley, don't worry about them. They lost face last night and are too ashamed to show up now. Maybe they already left."

Ashley nodded and didn't inquire further.

She had left the dinner table early last night, so she didn't know what had happened afterwards.

Ellie had told her yesterday that the others were still eating after they had left, but as soon as Susie and Lesley showed up, they stopped eating and left the table too.

Ashley guessed that it would have been really humiliating for them.

"Francis, don't you want to stay here for a couple more days?" A middle-aged man in his forties, who was standing behind Francis, spoke. He was slightly plump. As he grinned, his eyes turned into two narrow seams.

Ivor replied on his behalf, "Francis has to deal with something back in the city. He will come again when he has the time. Be sure to entertainment him well when he comes back next time."

The middle-aged man nodded eagerly and said, "For sure. As long as Francis has time and wants to come here, we'd be glad to serve him well."

He escorted them to the gate of the resort and after bidding them farewell, he went back into the resort.

Ashley, who was standing near Greyson, asked out of curiosity, "Who is that man? Why was he so respectable to Francis?"

"He is the owner of the resort. He was attentive to Francis because of his social status, of course."

Ashley was surprised. "That man? He is the owner of the resort?"

"Yes." Greyson nodded. But he realized something was amiss when he saw Ashley's expression. "What's wrong, Ashley?"

"Nothing," she replied.

Her heartbeat sped up suddenly.

She thought that the owner of such a beautiful place, with its picturesque scenery and exquisite and antique decorations would be a graceful, elegant and tasteful man, who knew how to enjoy life.

She did not expect

nd even let that person move into the villa where he lived all alone.

He had many villas in J city, but the Golden Palace was the one where he lived most of the time.

When they visited him sometimes, Andrew disliked it so much and couldn't wait to throw them all out of his house. But now, he had a woman living with him 24x7. This was unimaginable!

"Is Andrew serious about the relationship this time?" asked Greyson, as he watched Ashley disappear into the villa.

"What do you think? She is living here now. It couldn't be fake, right? Have you ever seen him treat any woman as nicely and patiently as he treats this one?" Francis asked.

He squinted at Greyson and asked, "Do you have a crush on Ashley?"

'You mention Ashley all day long. And you are so nice to her too, ' Francis thought to himself.

Greyson flushed and denied it immediately. "How could you say that? She is my brother's wife!"

When he caught a glimpse of Francis' mocking smile, he got annoyed. "Francis! You said that to piss me off on purpose, didn't you?"

"Correct. I did do it purposely to bait you. So what?" Francis challenged him.

"What? I'll beat you up," said Greyson.

After Ashley went into the villa, she saw the Ferrari at the gate shake violently and heard some strange noises coming from inside the car.

God knew what was happening inside that car!

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