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   Chapter 246 Leaving

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'It's all Francis' fault. He said he had to talk to Ashley about something and shut me out of the room.'

Greyson clenched his teeth in anger.

But Ellie could not read Greyson's mind. She didn't want to intrude and so she asked, "Have you come to see Ashley too? Why don't you go in?"

"I brought some food for Ashley just now. When we were about to leave, Francis said he had something to talk to Ashley about and shut me out of the room."

Ellie made no comment.

Greyson realized that she was holding something in her hand. He asked, "Ellie, did you bring food for Ashley too?"

Ellie nodded and said, "Yes. She ate very little at dinner and I thought she might be hungry now. So, I cooked something for her."

Ellie knocked at the door.

Ashley heard the knocking and glanced at Francis.

He immediately went to the door and said, "I'll get it."

Ellie was surprised to see Francis when he opened the door, but she remembered what Greyson had just said. So what if Francis had something to tell Ashley? There was nothing strange about that.

At first, Francis was annoyed when he heard the knocking. He wasn't done talking to Ashley yet and somebody was interrupting them. A storm was brewing in his mind, but when he saw the person on the other side of the door, his face brightened up. A sweet smile appeared on his face as he said, "Oh, it's you, Ellie."

Ellie replied vaguely.

Francis was about to shut the door again, but Greyson popped at the door. "Wait, Francis! Wait, I want to get in too,"

he said hurriedly.

Francis' eyes fell on Greyson and he frowned. "Why haven't you left yet?"

"Why should I leave?"

Francis grinned and said, "Because you are unwanted here."

He was about to shut the door on his face, but since Greyson expected it this time around, he wasn't going to be humiliated again.

He acted quickly and slipped into the room before Francis had a chance to react.

"Ashley, look at this! He is trying to kick me out of

up and showered. They were standing by the window appreciating the beautiful scenery outside when somebody knocked on their door.

Ashley walked over to open it. It was a waiter. He asked them to come downstairs to have breakfast. It seemed that somebody had already told him who Ashley was, because the waiter kept looking down as he spoke to her and his attitude was deferential.

Ashley responded to him shortly. After he left, she called Ellie and they went downstairs together.

"Hi, Ashley. Hi, Ellie."

"Morning, Ashley. Morning Ellie."

Greyson and Francis greeted both girls when they saw them.

Jeremy and Angelina, too, smiled at them.

"Are we heading back home after breakfast?" asked Ashley.

"That's up to you. You can go back if you want to. If you want to stay here for some more time, you can do that too."

"Then we'd better head back," she said. 'We have work to do at the shop.'

They hadn't seen Lesley and Susie even after they had finished breakfast. Ashley was puzzled.

Yesterday, they kept showing up uninvited during meal times. So, what had happened today? Why wasn't there any sign of them?

Ashley found it very odd.

Greyson saw that Ashley was looking around. "Ashley, who are you looking for?"

"Where are those two?" she asked. "Why haven't they shown up yet?"

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