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   Chapter 244 To Start With His Sister

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Susie frowned at Ivor. "He left? Why didn't he tell me?"

The crowd did not know how to answer this question. 'Do you think you are that important to Andrew? Why would he inform you before leaving?'

Susie suddenly felt awkward. She probably shouldn't have said anything, but the words were already out there. Now, it was impossible to take it back.

In fact, she knew that Andrew's behavior towards her had always been a little restrained. But, she still nurtured the hope that he was her brother and that he cared about her.

They were both descendants of the Lu family.

But Susie was being naive. The Lu family had never cared about Andrew.

And Andrew had no feelings for his family or his father, let alone his half-sister.

But Susie felt she held an important position in Andrew's life.

Lesley, who was sitting beside her, squeezed her hand in a comforting gesture. "Andrew might have been in a hurry when he left. That's why he didn't have time to tell you," she said gently.

Susie seemed convinced by Lesley's words. "Yes, he is really busy all the time. After all, he has to manage such a big company."

None of them at the table said anything; even a fool could recognize Andrew's ill attitude towards Susie.

It was true that Andrew was a busy man. But even busy people could take time to at least notify someone who was important to them that they were about to leave.

Seeing Ashley looking lost, Lesley could not help inquiring, "Ashley, what is the matter? Aren't you comfortable?"

Ashley did not like Lesley from the very beginning. Although Lesley always had a smile plastered on her face when she was talking to her, she knew that it was totally fake. It was like putting on an act.

But Ashley was determined to not let it get to her. She grinned. "I'm fine. I

none of Andrew's friends were as nice to Susie as Jeremy. Francis and Greyson simply did not accept her.

Susie felt that what Lesley had said was reasonable, but they could not go on like this forever. She was starting to lose hope. "Lesley, you saw Jeremy's attitude towards me," she complained.

She really liked Jeremy, right from the moment she had first laid eyes on him and then during the process of getting to know him better.

Lesley looked at Susie with a distressed expression and her eyes sparkled. She suddenly recalled how Jeremy had introduced the woman who was standing next to him.

"Since your approach is not working on him, you should start with someone else.

Doesn't he have a sister?" Lesley knew a lot about his sister. Moreover, it seemed like Jeremy was very nice to his sister.

Susie raised her head and looked at Lesley. "Lesley, so you do want me to..."

Lesley nodded, "You can start with his sister. Judging by what we have seen today, Jeremy is very good to her."

"You are the daughter of the Lu family, and she is the daughter of the Gu family. You won't demean yourself if you hang out with her, and that way, you can also see Jeremy from time to time.

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