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   Chapter 243 A Disgusting Kiss

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 8696

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'Excuse me? He just asked for the same thing again!

It doesn't matter whether it's Francis or anyone else, because they are all men either way!

What is he thinking? Would there be any difference between Francis and any one of them?

Absolutely not!'

Greyson thought to himself. He looked a little annoyed, so did Francis.

It was hard to imagine two men kissing each other.

Ivor rolled his eyes at him and continued to annoy him more. "Oh come on, Greyson. Stop being so whiny! Just kiss a man like I have dared you to!"

Despite his hesitation, Greyson soon found himself unable to resist Ivor's prodding. 'It's just a kiss, it's truly not a big deal, ' he thought, irritated.

"Finally!" Ivor said, looking incredibly amused. "Let's see what you are capable of."

Greyson stood up and walked towards Francis, who was already staring at him disdainfully. Seeing that he had finally agreed to do whatever Ivor wanted him to do, Francis started backing up, trying to keep a safe distance from the oncoming threat. "Hey—stop! Don't come near me!"

Immediately, Greyson became indignant when he saw that Francis was backing up. "What?! Why the hell are you running away from me? Come on! It's just a kiss! It won't hurt, so stop looking at me like I'm some kind of disgusting creature! Stop making this harder than it already is!"

"Shut up! Stop right there! Get away from me!"

Francis continued stepping back as Greyson got closer and closer to him.

Soon, however, he ran out of room to escape. When Greyson finally caught up to him, he held his hand and said seriously, "It's the rule of the game. The sooner we do this, the sooner it would be over." Although he didn't want to kiss Francis, he had to follow the rules.

Francis, however, wouldn't give up. 'I do not want to kiss a man!' he thought desperately.

Prying his hand away from Greyson's, he shrieked, "But dude, I'm not the only guy here! There are three others! Why don't you just choose someone else? Look, Jeremy is there! He would be glad to help you out, man! Stop doing this to me!"

Jeremy was on the other side of the room, looking dashing in his suit. Upon hearing Francis' lament, he just looked at them and smiled gently.

Out of instinct, Greyson turned to look at Jeremy, but he instantly looked away the moment their eyes met. Jeremy looked like a god, and merely looking at him made Greyson nervous.

Although he always had a gentle smile on his face, he was not any less imposing than Andrew. Because of that, Greyson had no plans of displeasing him.

'I'm sorry, Francis, but I really h

it was, he rolled his eyes and sighed. "Hello," he said curtly.

Susie's smile vanished the moment she saw Angelina sitting beside Jeremy. She was extremely jealous when she noticed how Jeremy lovingly put food on her plate.

As far as she knew, Jeremy had never treated a girl so thoughtfully.

Once again, she was ready to pop. However, she calmed down when she recalled that Angelina was his sister. 'But still, he doesn't need to treat his sister like that!' she thought, still fuming with envy.

Lesley's eyes turned cold and venomous for a moment when she saw that Susie was trying to get cozy with Jeremy.

She quickly headed towards Susie, grabbed her hand and pulled her away. "Susie, let's sit over there," she said in a happy tone, though it was incredibly fake.

The round table before them could accommodate eight to ten people. It was made from fine sandalwood, and it was a sight to behold.

Because of Andrew's departure, the seat beside Ashley became available.

Lesley immediately took the seat, and Susie sat beside her.

Wondering where Andrew had gone, she turned to Susie with a puzzled expression. And then, Susie asked the others, "Where is my brother?"

Susie had only noticed Andrew's absence at that moment. Also curious, she started asking the people around the table about the whereabouts of her brother. Unfortunately, none of them were willing to answer the naughty princess, so Susie fixed her eyes on Ivor.

Ivor noticed Susie's inquiring stare.

'Why does she have to ask me? Am I the one in charge of everything here?' Ivor complained in his mind.

Before answering, he took a deep breath and put on a wide smile. "He had something to deal with, so he left a while back."

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