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   Chapter 242 A Kiss

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The game began with Greyson. He put his hand on the fixed end of the wooden board and spun it. Everyone's eyes were fixed on the spinning board. It finally stopped and pointed towards Ashley.

She was speechless. 'Just my luck! The way people get the jackpot the first time they bet, ' she thought to herself, amused.

Meeting all the eyes that were on her, she calmly stated, "Truth."

As it was Ashley, Greyson couldn't ask her something out of line to embarrass her or something that she couldn't answer.

"Ash— Ashley, what's your favorite food?" he asked, choosing to play it safe.

For a minute there, he thought he was going to be in deep trouble. He had almost called her by her nickname. And the death stare that he got from Andrew told him that he might get murdered if he dared to do so.

Ashley sighed in relief and answered without thinking, "Sweet and sour spareribs!"

The game continued. When Ashley spun the board, it stopped to point at Angelina.

"Truth or dare?" she asked.

"Truth then," Angelina replied with a smile.

She wasn't so familiar with the people here. A dare might become embarrassing.

Ashley thought for a second and asked, "Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Oh, Ashley! That is the question someone among us really wanted to ask!" said Greyson with a grin.

Out of the corner of her eye, Ashley caught sight of Ivor blushing. He was watching Angelina closely.

He spluttered, "What the hell are you talking about, Greyson?"

Ivor's social status couldn't compare with the rest of the group, but he had been hanging out with them for a long time. They never minded it as they had fun being together.

"See? You blushed. And you are still denying it."

Greyson never gave up an opportunity to mess around with his buddies.

Ivor stared at Greyson resentfully, but he couldn't do anything. He looked away angrily.

Ignoring them, Angelina replied, "No."

The board was spun again. Angelina did not spin it too hard, but it kept spinning for a long time. Finally, it slowed down and swayed between Greyso

know how I felt when it was my turn.'

He looked at him cheerfully and said, "Didn't you choose dare? I only asked you to kiss any part of Francis' face."

Francis turned to stare at him too. His sexy eyes were unexpectedly cold. He glared at Ivor and raised his eyebrows. "Kiss me?"

Ivor couldn't find any words. He suddenly wanted to cry. What had he done?

But what else could he do? There were only two men here—Greyson and Francis.

Andrew and Jeremy were present too. But he couldn't afford to mess with them.

So, only Francis could help him get revenge by participating in this embarrassing task. He only had himself to blame for being the only appropriate candidate in the group.

Ivor tried to look away from Francis' gaze.

He was groaning inside.

Jeremy interjected, "Well, this dare is a little out of line. Maybe, Ivor, you should change it to something else."

Francis and Greyson were both looking agitated now. It was better not to provoke them.

And Andrew wasn't the kind of person who would take these matters into his hands. So, Jeremy had to be the peace-maker.

"Okay," said Ivor. "I'll change it. Pick anyone from amongst the men here and kiss him."

Francis raised his eyebrow.

Greyson remained silent.

Ellie and Ashley were dumbstruck.

Jeremy choked. The effort he had just made to ease the situation went in vain.

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