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   Chapter 241 All Right

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"Only she can be my wife!" Andrew said firmly.

Looking at Andrew's receding figure, Jeremy shook his head. 'All right, ' he thought.

He didn't know why he thought that Ashley looked familiar.

He felt as if they had seen each other somewhere before. But he couldn't remember clearly where they might have met.

Jeremy couldn't help but gaze at Ashley gently. He was lost in thought.

There were only there girls amongst them—Ashley, Ellie and Angelina. Angelina had sided with them earlier by being honest about Susie. So, Ashley liked her.

When Andrew and Jeremy reached them, they heard the girls chatting away happily.

Jeremy enjoyed watching this happy scene.

He walked over to Angelina and said softly, "What are you girls talking about? You seem so happy."

When he approached the group, the three girls fell silent at once.

Angelina couldn't help but chuckle. "We are talking about women stuff. Do you want to join us?"

Hearing that, Jeremy was unnerved.

When he was about to turn around and leave, Ellie suddenly stopped him and said, "Thank you for your help."

Although she didn't elaborate further, Jeremy understood what she was talking about.

He looked at her gently and said, "You are welcome. Are you hurt?"

"No," she replied.

"She has been spoiled by her family. She bore you no malice," he explained.

Ellie didn't reply. 'Susie didn't behave like that just because she has been spoiled by her family.

She is bad-mouthed. Nobody can stand being disrespected.

She is Andrew's sister. They were born in the same family, yet they are so different.

Andrew is elegant, noble and dignified. As for Susie, she is a shrew, ' she thought.

Francis was playing on his mobile phone, leaning against the pillar. However, he was not really paying any attention to his phone. He kept glancing at Ellie from time to time.

He didn't even notice that the game on his phone had long ended.

His ears had pricked up to hear the conversation between Jeremy and Ellie. 'Did she just thank Jeremy? Why?' he thought.

He was

t worry too much either. He couldn't wait to try. "Let me demonstrate it first," he said.

Andrew and Jeremy were still outside the circle. The two men stood behind Ashley and Angelina respectively.

"Andrew! Jeremy! Come on. Let's play. It's a fun game," urged Greyson.

Francis glanced at Greyson. He clearly knew that Greyson wanted to know some embarrassing truths about Andrew and Jeremy through this game.

Andrew looked indifferent. He just glanced at Greyson coldly. He was about to refuse his invitation when he noticed that Ashley was looking at him expectantly, her eyes sparkling. Obviously, she also wanted him to join in.

He thought for a few seconds and asked, "What's up?"

Ashley didn't dare to persuade him to play. She just looked away and said, "Nothing."

But deep down, she really wanted Andrew to join them so that she could ask him a burning question that had been consuming her thoughts lately. But she didn't want him to catch on that she cared much about those things. This game would be the perfect excuse to ask him her question casually.

If she asked him directly, it would be very embarrassing.

Andrew didn't say anything further even though he had an inkling of what Ashley was thinking. He finally joined them and only Jeremy remained outside the circle. Seeing that Andrew was ready to play, Jeremy had no choice but to join in.

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