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   Chapter 240 My Wife Can Only Be Her

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The water was so clear that one could easily see the colorful little fishes swimming freely and happily in it.

Beautiful lotuses and leaves also abounded, and they were all within the reach of their hands as they sat on the boat. Ashley couldn't help but reach out for one when they passed it. It was cool to the touch, and it made her really happy.

Ivor and Francis were the type of people who could make friends with other people effortlessly and immediately. When they saw Ashley enjoying the ride, Francis commented, thoroughly amused, "Ashley, you can pick that lotus if you like it so much."

"No, no," Ashley replied, a little embarrassed. "It would be way better for them to stay on their pads, so that they could grow and become even more beautiful." For her, adoration was not enough reason for someone to recklessly pluck something away from what was keeping it alive.

Soon enough, the pavilion came into view. While it seemed like they were already very close to it, it still took them thirty minutes to get there. As she waited, Ashley took out her phone and took pictures of the breathtaking scenery. She never wanted to forget how majestic everything looked.

When they were young, she and Ellie had promised themselves that they would travel the world the moment they had money, time and the capability to do so. They would see every famous landmark in every country, taste all their delicious food, and talk to all the different people they met.

'Finally, our dream is coming true, ' she thought to herself, almost teary eyed.

After capturing all the memories she could capture, she turned to Andrew.

He was wearing a hand-sewed black suit. Incredibly, he still looked tall even though he was sitting down. Somehow, she began to think that being tall wasn't just a physical attribute. Andrew had an aura around him that made everyone feel like he was far above others, and that he was looking down at them.

At that moment, he had his back turned to Ashley. Despite that, he still looked stunning. With his broad shoulders, he looked sophisticated; with his wide back, he looked strong and intimidating.

His posture was no joke either—it easily made others feel how cold, proud, noble, and aloof he was.


Ashley called out. The moment Andrew turned to look at her, she immediately took a photo of him. She wanted to catch him off-guard and take a candid picture. 'Maybe this would put some warmth in him, ' she thought.

After taking the picture, she gave him a sweet smile and said, "Thanks."

Ivor was amazed by their interaction. He hadn't met Andrew that many times before, but he already knew that he did

n case, we have sent our DNAs to the hospital for a test. Soon, I'll have the result and I can finally confirm that she's indeed my sister."

"Oh, congratulations to you then," said Andrew.

"Isn't it too early to congratulate me?" Jeremy asked, chuckling.

After a pause, he asked, "When did you get married? You didn't even let us know."

After Jeremy's question, Andrew suddenly thought of something and his face turned glum.

Jeremy saw the change in his expression and then asked, "Are you considering giving her a grand wedding ceremony?"

Andrew gave him a thoughtful glance. Of course he would like to give her a grand wedding ceremony. He wanted to let the world know that she was his woman.

"You know, we got married on a whim. She doesn't like to be in the spotlight. We'll think about that when she gets used to the married life." His eyes were full of affection as he talked about Ashley.

Jeremy turned to look at the lady they were talking about. She was talking to Ellie. He noted how her face was incredibly gentle and friendly. 'Beautiful, ' he thought. It was hard to imagine how she had ended up marrying Andrew.

"What about your family? How are you going to tell them? I heard that the Lu family had already selected a girl for you. Lesley—that's the girl, right?" Jeremy's question hit something inside Andrew.

As Andrew's pal, Jeremy wanted him to find the woman he loved to marry. He wanted to see him happy with the girl he loved. However, Andrew's marriage wasn't just his own business.

Aside from the whole Lu family and the Lu Group, his father was someone who wouldn't easily give him his consent.

Ethan would never give Andrew permission to marry such an ordinary girl, who wouldn't boost or help his career whatsoever.

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