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   Chapter 239 Having Fun

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The resort was so huge that one could get lost without proper guidance. But they luckily had Ivor, who had been here before.

And the day before, Ivor had come to the resort, knowing that Andrew didn't like crowded places, and made sure that they restricted entry into the resort. The place was almost exclusive to them.

"Francis, there is a pavilion over there. Let's go and sit there," said Ivor.

Francis turned to look at the pavilion that Ivor was pointing at and nodded.

The pavilion was in the middle of the lake. Its design was pleasing to the eye and the surrounding lake was full of blooming lotuses. Anyone sitting at the edge of the lake could recover their spirits in no time.

There was no path leading to the pavilion. Instead, there only were a few boats that were parked at the lake shore.

Greyson narrowed his eyes, stared at the pavilion in the distance, and asked, "How do we get there?"

Ivor pointed to the boats and said, "Look there. We can take the boats."

Greyson glanced skeptically at Ivor and asked, "Can you row?"

"Of course," replied Ivor, squinting at him disdainfully.

"There are eight of us, and one boat won't be enough for all of us. We have to use two. But only you can row. What about the people who're supposed to take the other boat?" Greyson asked sarcastically.

Ivor looked around at the group. All those people were born with silver spoons in their mouths. How could they row a boat? Especially since it was such hard work.

Francis said, "There should be somebody here who can take us there."

Ivor explained to him in a low voice, "I asked them to leave."

It looked like Ivor had managed to stun Francis into silence.

"You are such a moron!" he said after a while.

Ivor had to take the blame without compliant, but his intention had just been to give them some privacy.

Angelina looked at the dejected group and smiled. She said cheerfully, "I can ro

better, but I'll accept the challenge if he'd like to compete," Angelina said serenely.

"Greyson!" Jeremy's pleasant voice was stern as he reprimanded Greyson.

"Okay, okay! I won't say anything else!" Greyson said, motioning as if zipping his mouth shut. He lowered his head and swung his hand in the water for fun.

Jeremy turned to Angelina and said, "Don't you mind him. He always does that. He has that kind of personality."

"Okay," Angelina said with a shrug.

On the other boat, Andrew's eyes never left Ashley even for a second after they had gotten onboard.

Ashley blushed as she realized that Andrew was staring at her. She stared back at him for a while before turning to Ellie and talking to her.

She didn't believe even for a second that Ellie would hit Susie without reason. Susie must have said something or done something to provoke Ellie.

Ashley rested her chin on her palm and asked her, "How are you doing? Are you in a better mood now?"

"Yeah, I'm good."

"Why did you slap her?"

Ellie gave Ashley a long look before saying, "She should blame herself for saying those bad things about you. Moreover, I'd been itching to beat her up for a long time."

Ashley let out a laugh before hugging her and saying, "Oh, you are such a free spirit!"

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